The pantry is contemporarily the most popular space in modern homes. An accommodative space to deal with the additional utensils, food items and storage goods- the pantry exhibits space that ranges from being a small cabinet-room to a mini-dining area where you can lay a small wooden table and revel in having casual meals with friends and family.

This article will explore some of the significant uses of a kitchen pantry and deliberate its importance under the light of its contemporary need in modern households.


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Architectural Services in Lahore see that kitchen pantries are gaining immense popularity. The kitchen pantries now are replete with a dynamic accommodative space, which can hold everything from delicate dinner sets to fine glass jars for spices, lentils and other goods that need to be stored therein. The pantries now could include a small washing basin that could be used to wash the utensils instantly after a quick meal.

A good pantry is one that is well-managed, essentially in terms of being neatly arranged. If the pantry is treated like a space to hoard stuff randomly, things would be lost and when you’ll find them, they will be well-past their expiration. Therefore, do not treat your pantry like a mere store room where you could pile up the goods, instead keep it organized and well-structured.

From among the orders given to House Construction Companies in Pakistan by clients, it’s evident how food pantries are gaining popularity. This is often what most of the people now commonly refer to as a pantry.  We all need an area to store canned and dry goods.  Some households need both upper cabinet space and pantry space for this storage. The quantity of food storage space you wish depends on the family, what amount of cooking is done within the house, what quantity of food is being bought in bulk.

A kitchen pantry may be a very useful and important part of any kitchen design. It’s impossible to style a functional kitchen without reference to where the food is going to be stored.  A poor design can cause a disorganized closet of clutter where expired food can go unnoticed for years.


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Take a glance at the subsequent ideas to style the kitchen pantry of your own house!

  • Built-In Pantry

This idea is especially for little kitchens where the space has to be maximized. For this, design a kitchen with built-in shelves within the walls. You’ll get this made in either solid wood or veneer. These shelves would then act as a built-in pantry of yours where you’ll store all dry goods, tins, bottles and other vessels together.

  • All-Purpose Pantry

Interior Decorators in Lahore advise homeowners to get creative with storage options. Lazy susan-style shelving that rotates in a very circle may be a good way to maximize corner space that’s otherwise hard to utilize. There’s a place for everything in a pantry with rotating shelves, from canned goods and drinks to tablecloths and other accessories.

  • Cabinet-Store Pantry

Design a little store-like pantry right next to your kitchen, which comprises all cabinets. This might be set like having cupboard-like cabinets everywhere with glass doors so that you may see easily as to what lies where. Keep a track of the expiration dates and replace the items when needed. Your pantry must de-clutter your kitchen. For instance, in case your kitchen space is loaded with cooking appliances that are sturdy and big, like a deep-frying machine or a sandwich maker, use the space in the pantry to lay these instead of cramming your kitchen.

  • Breakfast Pantry

Interior Designers in Pakistan also recommend including a breakfast bar within the pantry to store bread, cereal, coffee and more. This type of a classy breakfast pantry can have flat panel cabinets and bi-fold doors to contain everything you would like in one tidy place.

A neat pantry is going to be functional as well as aesthetically appealing.  When considering designs for your own pantry, design what your current kitchen does and doesn’t have room for.