There could be no better way of welcoming your guests than making them walk on a beautiful pathway heading straight to your home entrance. In what ways you can make your lawn pathways, attractive and welcoming? There are multiple ways of doing it but the modern approach is to embellish it with pebbles mosaic because this is a natural and economical way of enhancing your garden trails.

For simple patterns, you can do it yourself but if your garden is bigger and you want to decorate it with innovative pebble mosaics then you must hire a top Pakistani interior designer. Only he can guide you about different pebble mosaics within your allocated budget.

Materials Required

You need following materials to make pebbles mosaic.

  1. Buckets or Iron Tubs
  2. Hoe or Shovel
  3. Garden hose and spray nozzle
  4. Pebbles (in a variety of colors and sizes)
  5. Whisk broom and wire brush
  6. Crushed gravel
  7. Dust mask
  8. Rubber gloves
  9. Lumber and stakes or bender board


Select Pebbles

Select Pebbles

Pebbles selection depends upon the type of mosaic you want to get in your garden pathway. For multifaceted designs, you can choose a variety of pebbles with different colors and sizes but for a simple pattern, one type of stone is enough.

Draw Patterns

For a more finished and refined work, you can draw patterns on the ground with the help of a hooked or sharp edge thing like a wooden stick. To get a circular pattern, you can simply use two hooks which are attached to each other with the help of a long thread. The length of the thread defines the size of the circle, so you can make it according to your requirement. Insert one hook in the ground and pick the other end of the thread to draw a circle. To draw squares, rectangles or other straight patterns, you can use scale.

Laying the Base for Stones

Laying the Base for Stones

Make a base by digging out the selected area 6 to 5 inches down in the ground. Pour the concrete mix into the base and fill it up to a required level.

Embed Stones

Start arranging stones in the specific drawn patterns. Use the stones of similar sizes for one design. Once you have completed one pattern, put a lumber or bended board on the stones and tap it with a rubber mallet to get pebbles fixed at their positions. Do not hit too hard, because it may disturb the design by inserting some of the stones deep down in the base. Leave it for half an hour and sprinkle water on it as it will help strengthening the cement base.

Give it a Finishing Touch

Finishing Touch

To further strengthen the stones and to give them a final touch spread the cement toping to the two-third height of the stones. After that, use a wire brush to remove and clean the surface, as it will give the stones a more refined look. Keep the mosaic under the plastic sheet overnight.

This is how; you can get variety of stones mosaic in your garden and make it as much attractive as you can. If you have a craze of decorating your lawn this way, the better way to deploy your ideas is to take the services of interior decorators in Lahore.