The purpose of revamping your entire home is nothing else than adding something interesting to your home that can draw others’ eyes and provide a cozy resting place to your family members. The secret behind well decorated and amazing homes in Lahore is the focus to detail in décor that only the best interior designers consider. Focus to minor details can make or break a design, especially when customers want to have a more minimal and delicate look. It can be a texture, an artistic piece of furniture, a wall hanging or an embellishment.

A space without these details looks boring and certainly no one wants a boring home. Here are a few tips by Amer Adnan, a renowned architect & interior designer in Lahore, to add some glamor to your space.

Use Wall Painting to Create a Monochromatic Look

Choose an eye catching piece of art and use it to create a monochromatic look on your wall. Under that painting, place matching chairs to create a visual flow from the art work. You can spread a matching rug near chairs to add casual yet cozy look to your space.

Add a Pattern

Adding a pattern in form of a floral wall sticker, wallpaper or stencil sketch can instantly make space look more interesting and lively. You can use these patterns in a number of ways to add additional interest, according to the space requirements.

Bring Nature into Your Space

It is a time-tested tip to make any space livelier instantly and that is adding natural elements to indoors. You can add a wooden texture in your room in form of a wooden stool, wooden floor, wooden cupboards and green plants. The repetition of such natural elements from outside world work so well to move the eye to these welcoming items and giving a surprising touch to your room.

Choose Spectacular Lights

How can one ignore the importance of spectacular lights to add a touch of elegance to his space? Add variety of lights along with chandeliers (wherever possible) in a variety of shapes to anchor the space. There are several kinds of lights, you can pick from according to your choice, to adorn your space. Select the one that is right for you.

Use common items in unique ways

You can pick common items like any shaped object to create an interesting and unique thing from that. Repeat the object in symmetry like around the mirror many times and have a sculpture that will entice people to look at and touch it.

Use Geometrical Items

You can combine a number of geometric shapes in one vignette to create a powerful focus. You can add different colors in contrast that will be difficult to ignore. Create a look that will provoke people to look – more than once.

Now these are few ideas that you can implement in a space by a best architect in Pakistan, you are not pleased with. I am sure, one of these tips will surely help you create visual interest in your home. If you have your own ideas, share with us.