The weather in Lahore city has been slowly getting warmer and if you are like me, you must have been scavenging around the internet to find out small yet efficient ways to transform your home from the treacherous winter season. The winds change can be felt all around but these are few days before the scorching heat when you can bring change in your life or awaken aspects that went doormat during the winter months. Longer days and rising temperatures demand from you to renovate your home but before implementing any home décor idea or paying hefty amount to interior designer to renovate your home for summer, do not forget that children will soon be on summer vacations.

It means they will be in home for full day and must be roaming around and playing. However, if you will invest heavily on home décor, you would not allow anyone to ruin it. Certainly, kids would not like the idea of perfectly placing everything at its place, and not leaving a room for them to play around freely. Keep this aspect in view before implementing any home décor idea. Amer Adnan, a renowned interior designer in Lahore, says, “Creating a happy home is one of my goals, as an architect & interior designer.” I believe you should make your home summer ready, keeping in view your children (if you have) needs, he states further. Make them feel at home that is bright and inviting instead of a perfect one in every manner. Create and express happiness with what you have.

It is not necessary to heavily invest in new furniture, expensive rugs to change the outlook of your home, but you can experiment with new colors to bring a positive change in your home. You can also discuss your views with your chosen interior designer and ask his/her opinion to refurbish your home and make it more lively and welcoming. Inspiration begins below:

Color is the best medicine, especially, if it comes in form of flowers. Depending upon the season and availability of flowerss, you can add multiple colors to your home, in form of flowers and indoor plants. Starting from your living room & lounge, you can add bright and colorful throw pillows & related accessories depending upon the season, mood and theme. Amer Adnan suggests adding coral, yellow, navy blue, pink, zinc and red color in your home this summer.

Winter season does not stay longer than 3 months in Lahore but makes people confined in their homes for most of the time, in front of heaters. To enjoy the spring or summer spirit, people want some dynamic changes in their homes. You can plan to revamp your lawn and add new plants or flower pots to your garden. Start planting new plants as soon as the temperatures allow. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a garden, you can buy new pots for your patio and terrace or if you have already plenty of them, start painting them and make the space lively.

If budget allows, you can go for a complete make-over of your walls. You can pick some fresh and lively color wallpapers for your living room, drawing room, lounge and bedroom. Moreover, add some bright colored candles and fresh spring scents and place some delightful fresh scented soaps in your kitchen and washrooms.

You can follow these tips to revamp your home but consulting or hiring a professional interior designer can bring noticeable change in your home that everyone will ask about.