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Continuing Excellence: AAA’s Year-End Review

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3 years ago

For Amer Adnan Associates, 2019 brought with it rewarding challenges and creative opportunities.

Making Spaces That Matter

Making Spaces That Matter

As an experienced architectural design firm, we believe in aligning the client’s needs with time-tested design methodology. Whether the team is crafting a forever home or the next big eatery, the focus is on delivering every project on-time, within budget, and with a touch of sophistication. Not only do we truly listen to our clients, but we also guide them towards sensible, and stylish design solutions.

Bringing Open Concepts into the Home

Open Concepts into the Home

More and more of our clients are turning away from the traditional, formal living room and are now looking for a multi-purpose ‘great room’ or family room. This coincides with the global trend towards more open, and less compartmentalised residential layouts. Not only do such layouts provide greater accessibility options, such as space for gradual ramps or lifts, they also encourage free movement between different parts of the home. By removing partition walls, the kitchen, dining room, and living room are all combined to form a communal living space. This is also complemented by evenly spacing out furniture. Homeowners now like to welcome their guests into the inner sanctums of their homes – where they eat, drink, laugh, and live.

In 2019, our team broke away from the orthodox ‘box-like’ layouts for homes, and utilised interconnected rooms as well as numerous windows to bring the outside-in.  Technically-speaking, to make open-floor plan construction sustainable, heavy-duty columns and beams are used to hold the weight of the floors above.

Making An Entrance


An entrance is a key focal point of any residential project.  This past year, AAA found clients gravitating towards alternative entrance options, meaning side and central. The usual choice is front-facing, which is a placement closest to the road or main gate. Side entrances, though unorthodox, offer the homeowner the ability to have a bigger porch or garage. On the other hand, central entrances allow homeowners access to a wrap-around lawn or garden area. Some clients wish to have more space dedicated to vehicles, while others might prefer a grand entrance away from the parking area’s sightline.



Red brick exteriors are regaining popularity, but not just for aesthetic purposes. When used for brick cladding, red brick exteriors provide builders with a practical and affordable insulation solution. When combined with other insulation techniques, red bricks can significantly help reduce thermal levels in a home and result in significant energy savings.

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