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Contemporary Wardrobe Designs by AAA That Adds Zing to Bedroom

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6 years ago

Imagine having a steel wardrobe in your chic bedroom.

Yeah! No one would like to keep that piece of scrap in contemporary settings any longer despite that it’s durable enough to last for years.

Times have certainly changed and so do our lifestyle and preferences. Thanks to media and internet expansion that has made homeowners even more conscious when it comes to choosing the wardrobe designs for their bedroom. Now they not only want the wardrobes to match their bedroom, and lifestyle but also requirements and personality.

This has made Lahore architects’ job even more challenging as the demand for multi-function wooden wardrobes is certainly on the rise. Bedroom wardrobes can be built in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Door Styles

Door Styles

Door styles can also vary as you can opt for sliding or swing-open door wardrobes depending upon your style and space requirements. The sliding doors are the best option when you are short on space. It provides you ample walking space between the bed and the wardrobe so two people won’t bump into one another. Swing doors, on the other hand, are perfect for spacious bedrooms.


Wardrobe Partitions

Partitions or sections inside the wardrobe purely depend on the need and items homeowners would like to keep in the wardrobe. For example, many of AmerAdnan Associates’ clients like to have customized wardrobes that have separate sections for jewelry, ties, belts, stockings, and other accessories.

Whereas, others prefer to have drawers inside the wardrobe so they can put all the accessories in one place. The partitions and drawers are usually created to offer swift access to drawers and shelves so you can instantly get your hands on your daily items.


Wardrobe Colors

Colors certainly add a lot of vibrancy to space. You can use contrasting colors to achieve that striking impression or simply go with colors that match your bedroom walls and furniture.


Wardrobe Material

Solid wood, particle boards, veneers, and laminates are some of the popular choices from the innumerable options available for wardrobes in Pakistan. While solid wood allows you to add the wooden element in the bedroom, laminates offer you a wide variety of color options to pick from.

Modern Wardrobe

The latest addition to the wardrobe material guide is glass or mirror that transforms a traditional wardrobe into a dresser cum wardrobe such as the one shown below.

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