Cottages are a pleasant construction type, which connect the homeowner with the environment. It is a house design that one seeks in order to relax and enjoy the ubiquitous outdoor space. Some cottage house plans are quite large and opulent with all the amenities found in larger homes while others are more modest. It all really depends on need and preference.



Cottage house designs can be complex, contemporary and tremendously wide-ranging in construction. Very often, today’s cottage homes are constructed as an ancillary residence, perfect for hill station-living. Holidays and special occasions spent with family and friends are often enjoyed following outdoor exploration and water sports like swimming, fishing and hiking. These are collectively-enjoyed hobbies when the home is situated near the beach, a lake or on the mountains.

When considering property cost, take under consideration additional costs as well: plumbing, electrical hookups, landscaping, road paving, etc. Before selecting cottage site, ascertain what the property taxes are going to be.

Materials Used


The most important aspect of cottage home design is regarding the materials used.

There are various materials utilized in the construction of this design. What exactly to settle on, often depends on the customer’s wish and budget.

Following may be a list of construction materials used for building cottage homes as per Top Interior Designers in Lahore 

  • Aerated concrete is a material that has good thermal properties and allows the building to “breathe”, thanks to its porous construction.
  • Concrete, which is reinforced material, created with expanded clay and cement. This may be applied as a facing or a composite material, perfectly combined with steel structures and ferroconcrete products. It is used to create load-bearing walls using solid blocks. Lightweight aggregate concrete blocks have good heat-saving (reduced heating costs by quite 75%) and noise-cancelling properties.
  • Wood, which adds to the aura of heat and tranquility to cottage homes. The disadvantage of wooden structures is typically high combustion capacity.
  • Brick, which is well-protected against fire and has good resistance to external factors like rain, snow, hurricane and therefore the like.

Roof Design

Roof Design

For most homeowners eager to build their cottage styled house in chilly hill stations, it’s essential to think about the roof design. Complicated roof designs invite problems — pine needles, snow and ice can accumulate in nooks and crannies, causing major damage. An easy gable roof is robust and durable, and sheds snow easily. Also, know that every hole you chop into your roof, whether for a skylight, chimney or gable, creates a possible spot for leaks and ice accumulation.

Lofts and Basements

The motivation to create vertically up rather than bulging from the sideways is often a great one. Many cottage plans by Home Construction Companies in Pakistan also provide attractive structures like pitched, varied roofs and little windows on the second floor, and stone exterior details without losing the element of an appealing plan, which is seemingly designed bearing in mind the notion of peace being recollected in tranquility.

An Essential List to think about

  • Check all local building codes, and zoning laws that determine what you’ll build, also as to where you’ll build it.
  • Think about accessibility, privacy, and convenience. Are there already plumbing and electrical resources in place?
  • Provide cover over entrances.
  • Provide an area where your roof can shed snow safely.
  • Position railings at every stairway because even short stairways can become treacherous once they are covered in ice and snow, so make certain every exterior stairway features a sturdy railing to carry on to.

Planning the ground

Cottage size and floor plan layout is one of the most fundamental factors to consider.

If you’ve got a bigger family or enjoy hosting people, chances are high that you’ll want larger, more open spaces than classic cottage design. If you’re married, but haven’t yet started a family and are committed to do so at a later date, consider a plan which will easily evolve to satisfy changing needs. With rooms which will easily be converted to serve over one purpose, just like the guest room that could even be converted into a business office, or a room that would later be changed into a recreation room or children’s bedroom. Additionally, the kitchen area should be larger than what your current needs are.

What Style of Windows to Settle on

What Style of Windows to Settle on

Architects in Pakistan suggest awning, casement or fixed windows for a tighter seal.

Awning windows can provide your cottage with better ventilation and lighting thanks to their unique size and placement. These sorts of windows are available in an exceedingly wide selection of materials. Wood or steel-frame windows are very fashionable, but usually cost the most. Wood or steel framed windows also can be very high-end with many customization options. Additionally, fiberglass and aluminum are extremely popular materials for awning windows. These don’t offer maximum customization, but they still provide many options for the homeowner. Vinyl is additionally a decent choice, if you’re trying to find a less costly option that’s also well insulated.

Casement windows open up to 180 degrees to permit for utmost ventilation, not like sliders can only open half the opening space. They’re easy to wash and are energy-efficient.

Whatever you’ll choose out of the above, you want to consider putting maximum of them the South-facing way. These maximize sunlight with banks of windows positioned on the south-facing side of your home to absorb the most light and heat on a daily basis.

Today’s cottage house plans are characterized by their individuality, offering a dynamic appeal to most homeowners. They range from traditional and classic, to displaying country flair. They also feature fanciful and lighthearted exterior detailing as an outdoor space, coupled with some versatile interior floor plans.