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Constructing A Home That Mirrors You!

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6 years ago

Everyone longs to have a reflection of their personality exposed to the world at large. The way people dress, the music they listen to, the kind of accessories they choose for themselves – all, in one way or the other, speaks volumes for who they are and what they believe in. Creating or designing a house, as architects in Pakistan understand, can be a major form of expression for a person to tell his or her story. From placing the very first brick of the house to the styles and colours you choose for each room within, will in itself reflect your emotions and personality.

Interior decorators in Lahore focus a great deal on providing services to clients in order to create their perfect home, however, a lot of time is also invested in understanding the client’s mood, preferences, personality and mode of expression in order to be able to mirror the same into their house.

In recent times, people prefer having a narrative approach to interior home designs. By choosing the right flow of colours and having the correct styles across the house, the aim is to neatly narrate a personal story or experience.

As mentioned in an earlier article, 4 ideas for luxury home designs, there has been a shift in the general pattern of living from basic to luxurious. We are also witnessing acceleration in the integration of technology into home and office designs.

There has been a vast variety in construction material being used from natural wood textures to warm, deep bronze metals to give the ideal finish to different portions of your house. Interior decorators are boldly experimenting different ways to use construction material and house accessories in ways that it was never used before. Every detail from the construction layout to the final touches of the house includes symbolization of the taste and style preferred by the owner of the house. Every room of the house is given a unique character by the colours it is painted with, the furniture that is strategically placed in it and the accessories that it is topped with – a bit of the owner’s personality is tactfully depicted in every corner of the house.

Integrated technology, easy accessibility to living, natural environment in terms of space and lighting, custom designed and spacious kitchens and particular details in the bathroom not only ensure a comfortable lifestyle but can add greatly to reflect on one’s preference and personality.

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