As you launch headlong into the printed and digital catalogs of furniture from various home furnishing companies, you are left dazzled and perplexed by the designs of furniture and huge differences between their prices. With so many terms getting thrown around, it gets really difficult for you to know what is what.

This is where you require choosing the furniture that could best define your preferences and your budget. A top known Pakistani interior designer can help you make sure that the furniture you pick perfectly blends with your home’s décor theme.

AmerAdnan® the leading name in Pakistan’s interior design industry has broken down the most commonly used furniture design trends to lend you a hand in choosing spot-on furniture style for your sweet home.

1: Modern VS Contemporary

A modern furniture takes design inspiration from the modernist movement that initiated somewhere in early nineties. The modern furniture design usually comprises vinyl, leather, steel, molded plywood and plastics that are painted in monochromatic color schemes to give a stylish and sleek look to your home’s interior.

The contemporary furniture which is often confused with modern style is the furniture which is popular and trendy now days. Since contemporary is associated with the current period, its definition would keep changing all the time.

2: Traditional VS Rustic

The traditional furniture is a formal furniture style that takes deep design inspiration from the Victorian era. It comprises artistic embellishment, straightened out lines, delicate pieces, tapered legs and contrasting inlays that together create a comfortable and warm environment. The traditional furniture also includes hand-crafted, dark timber pieces and sofas that are upholstered with awe-inspiring fabrics.

On the other hand, rustic furniture comes influenced by different styles which together create honest, warm and natural interiors. The rustic furniture is usually made of warm timber or any other natural material such as linen or cotton. More importantly it has a homely and worn appearance and isn’t too formal.

3: Antique VS Vintage

As the name clearly implies, the antique furniture is made out of pieces from the earlier time period. This furniture type is crafted from wood. The value of antique type furniture is defined by the age, condition and rarity of wood used in its manufacturing.

The older it is the higher the price you have to pay for them as compared to other types. In contrast, vintage furniture has some special qualities that are particularly associated with some era.

4: Art Deco VS Retro

The art deco furniture makes use of machine age imagery and materials with traditional crafts. This furniture style is characterized by its angular shapes and the geometric designs. The materials such as mirrors, glass, chrome and shiny fabrics are among the most common features of art deco furniture. The retro furniture can be defined by ideas of mod, geometric shapes in teal, yellow and brown.