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Como La Flor: Interior Design Inspirations

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4 years ago

If you are looking for a way to bring the ‘outside in’, floral designs are your best bet. Done in the right way, floral designs can infuse natural beauty into spaces. From lamp shades to rugs and from curtains to cushion covers, flowers can be found on just about any surface in the marketplace. Flowers have been in vogue, as far as interiors go, for a while now.

While there are many floral designs to pick from, the most commonly used styles are the Botanical style, Garden style, Crescent Corsage,  Nosegay Corsage, and  Pot au Fleur.  An important thing to remember when working with floral design is that ‘less is more’.  Before filling the trolley with sunflower-patterned bed sheets, it is best to engage the services of an experienced interior decorator in Lahore so you end up with the best floral design for your living space.

Read on to find out how you can apply floral interior design to different rooms, and even objects within your home.

Convert Your Bathroom into a Spa Zone

Bathroom in Spa Zone

If green is a colour that you gravitate towards, then choose a botanical style floral design to convert your functional bathroom into a relaxing spa. One consistent feature of the botanical style floral design is how it must include at least three parts of a plant. That means stems, buds, leaves, petals, seeds, blossoms, bulbs, and even roots. As this particular type of floral design can easily be found at a tile store, so those can be used to frame the backsplash around the vanity area. Floral tiles can also be placed on the walls surrounding the bathtub or shower cabin. Pair a floral tile with multiples of plain green or neutral-colored tiles to retain their unique charm. Towels and shower curtains with floral patterns can easily be sourced at a local home furnishings store. Wallpaper can be applied elsewhere in the bathroom, but remember that “less is more” when it comes to repetitive patterns. Add in flower-shaped drawer-pulls, floral bathroom mats, and a vase of fresh daisies to complete the theme. 

Opt for a Kitchen “Garden”

Kitchen Garden

While there are a number of ways to incorporate flowers into your kitchen area, adopting aspects of the kitchen garden is perhaps the most innovative option. If you possess a green thumb, this might give you the perfect opportunity to finally start that indoor mini-herb garden.  In addition to the small pots of mint and rosemary, you can bring in kitchen towels, placemats, trivets and even pot-holders that represent the country garden theme. The actual cabinets can be adorned with hand-painted vegetables and fruits while the countertops can feature heat-proof tiles with attractive floral designs. As a finishing touch, be sure to hang up an apron or two with a floral or gardening motif.

Dining Amongst Lilies

Dining Amongst Lilies

Traditionally, the dining room is reserved for special occasions and guests. The introduction of a floral design scheme may result in greater utility for this often-wasted part of the house. If there is a window in the room, you can begin the transformation by putting up some floral curtains.  Build upon the floral theme by reupholstering the dining chairs with fabric that consists of garlands, bouquets, vines, and wreaths. You can easily source a table-top runner and placemats set that includes a few roses or geraniums on the side. Swap out fresh flowers for a realistic-looking faux floral arrangement in the middle of the dining room table or on top of the sideboard.

Flowers as Far as the Eye Can See


Now, in the living room, there is much that can be accomplished just with fabric. Everything, from the sofa cushions to the pleated curtains, can be found or customized to represent a floral design pattern that you prefer. To make a certain flower the ‘hero’ of the design, you can select an embossed satin-like fabric, in a neutral color like white or beige, to cover the wing-chairs, ottomans, and sofa sets. Support the flower-friendly design scheme with artistic interpretations of famous gardens, country landscapes, and even miniature paintings of individual plants. 

A Flower for Every Occasion


While it is easy enough to start gathering decoration objects with a tulip or a lily on it, there are times when one requires the consultation of a design professional. Kick-off a new design project by interviewing more than one professional who offers architectural services in Lahore before making the final decision. With equal parts research and a passion for flora, homeowners and their design consultants can create a garden-like ambience to enjoy for years to come.

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