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Common home designing mistakes that newbies make

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9 years ago

Designing your own house and that too for the first time can be super exciting. Ideas are pouring like torrents of rain and there are so many things that we would love to do to our new home. After all it is the biggest decision that we have made and we don’t want it to fail. Unfortunately not many of us make a spot-on decision and a lot of us end up regretting the decisions we have made. So, if you are newbie, planning to renovate/ decorate/ design your house for the first time, here are some amateur mistakes you should better stay away from:

Underestimating your budget

Sticking to a budget is difficult; No matter how well planned or well thought your budget is, being an amateur, there are chances that you will blow it. Most of the times we figure in the middle of the renovation that we are running out of funds, our well planned budget is failing, so we end up making bad decisions and start buying cheap products to save money. The best solution to avoid such scenario is to always keep a margin while estimating your budget, so at the end even if you do exceed it, there are still some funds left.

Selecting the wrong building material

When I say selecting the wrong material, I don’t mean that there is a list of bad and good materials; all kinds of building materials have their share of good and bad. But is the material you are choosing right for you? You might really think that hardwood floors look beautiful but would they be suitable for where you live? The thing is that you must take into account factors like your lifestyle, your living conditions and the environmental conditions around you. Many architects in Pakistan believe that this is the most common mistake people make while designing their homes.

Hiring incompetent workers

In Pakistan, finding competent workers isn’t easy. Most of the painters, carpenters, masons and handymen are usually incompetent and would never get the work done in the right way. While many of us who have been getting house jobs done for sometime can find experienced workers, but for a newbie this task can be difficult. Either they don’t know where to look or they do not deem hiring the right contractors as important. You have to realize that if your workers are bad, your house won’t stay strong for long.

Not considering the sustainability of design

Whether it is a bathroom lay out, a kitchen design, a kind of paint or a faucet set, you have to consider the sustainability of anything you choose for your house. You have to keep a far sight while selecting any kind of design. You would have to see that how it would affect your lifestyle and for how long it will stay effective. Not everything that is in fashion is sustainable so being an amateur, it’s better not to take risks and choose designs which have proven to be sustainable.

Despite of all the given suggestions, it is always suggested to take help from a professional architect and for that you can contact architecture companies in Pakistan like Amer Adnan associates.