Out of all the considerations of designing a new space, the choice between the type and finish of a wood can be a huge one. Let’s be honest, the walls and floor are two of the largest parts of the whole room. The colors of both these components should complement each other perfectly.

The key is to choose a compatible wall color, which goes with a dark or light wood color. Here AmerAdnan Associates has discussed are few possible ways to choose a wall color that can match well with the light wood covered floor.

1: Warm Colors

Warm Colors

If the flooring has some warm undertones in it, then using warm colors for the walls is not a bad idea at all, as long as it suits the furnishing. Warm colors include yellow, orange, red and any combination of the previously mentioned colors.

A warm color can be paired with light colored floors, which means homeowners should opt for a slightly medium-bright to dark paint. A warm color contains its vibrancy despite the floor’s light undertones. The modern house designs in Lahore these days have feature walls in all rooms, which are made out of warm colors.

2: Cool Colors

Cool Colors

Cool colors perfectly complement the light wooden floors. From icy pastels to darkest value, the pallet of cool colors is naturally more attuned towards a contrast with light colors. Cool colors include blue, violet and true greens. Many people these days try to opt for a natural red color in raw form, a warm color, but when coupled with blue, it becomes a cool shade.

3: Shades of White

Shades of White

Although the white color works with almost all the colors, but pairing it with a light color often yields a stark look, which isn’t up to the standards of contemporary interiors. Moreover, white color comes in a variety of shades owing to various pigments and crystals used to make various composition. Experts at AAA suggest their clients to use warm white paint with warm wood colors. Because using cool white with a warm wood floor will yield a light dirty combination, which will not be remotely appealing.

If you are confused which color shade you need to select for your home walls, the best idea is to get in touch with a professional Pakistani interior designer who could help you make the right decision.