A house interior can be decorated and enhanced in different ways and styles, one of which is placing rugs on the floor. If chosen wisely, rugs maintain a luxurious look of your house interior by giving it style and comfort.

Rugs are available in different stuffs and styles including; wool, cotton, silk, jute, chenille, synthetic nylon, polypropylene, leather and sheep skin. Each of the stuffs is available in numerous designs, styles and sizes. You can choose the one that is not only compatible with your house interior but is also affordable.

Choosing rugs for your house certainly requires special expertise; you need to acquire the services of a Pakistani interior designer. He will visit your house and will help you selecting a best rug while keeping the entire look of your house, which may include the space available, the color of the paint, flooring and many other technicalities.


Either you are buying a rug for your living or TV lounge or any other place; do consider the size according to the available space. You should choose a size that maintains a style; for instance, for a living room, a rug placed in the center with chairs’ front legs on the rugs and rear on the floor gives a cozy and stylish look. However, if you choose a big rug that completely convers the floor, it would not only cost you more money, rather it would give a tedious look to your living, dining or any other room.

Choose the Best Shape

Rugs are available in various shapes, including rectangular, round, oval, floral.  If your room has an irregular shape then choosing a round rug is a good option. Floral shape rugs are usually best to place in the children’s room. If you have a rectangular dining table, then choosing an oval-shaped rug is going to be the right decision. The four-corned rugs can be used in any kind of settings ranging from formal to informal.  By hiring interior designer in Lahore, you can make your rug selection process much easier and faster since a professional interior designer can take those aspects into view which you cannot.

Choosing the Right Material

As described earlier, rugs are available in plenty of stuffs and styles but you are to choose the one that maintains a cozy look, is easy to maintain and is affordable. Moreover, you also need to consider the type and designing of flooring while choosing a rug.  For marble floors, you should consider the design compatibility. Choose a rug that does not slide on the slippery marble floor.  Woolen stuff is the best for slippery marble floor, as long as it maintains a style and compatibility and is easy to clean. Choose stuff with a color that does not get faded after cleaning.  There are various other things to consider – for instance, if you are living in Lahore where there is a great dust during moon soon season, choosing a woolen rug is not a favorable option, because it traps dust particles which cause problem for the people with asthma or skin problems.

Thus, considering all these points and by hiring the best Pakistani interior designer, you can choose the rugs that add real elegance to your home interior.