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Captivating TV Wall Design Ideas by AmerAdnan

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6 years ago

In this age of modern technology, television has become an integral source of entertainment. Ask anyone and people would barely oppose the decision to have an LCD TV in their den or living room. Besides entertaining, at times, the bigger your LCD screen is, the more fun it is to invite your family or friends over to watch a thrilling TV series or a great movie. Basically, a television aids us from just hanging out or chatting at home.

So how can you not think to find the right spot and create a perfect wall to hang your main source of entertainment?

Without a cool and trendy backdrop, your flat screen TV will never become a dominant feature of the living room. In other words, you need to ensure your TV wall decor perfectly complements the interior decorating scheme rather fading into the settings or becoming too obvious.

Acquiring the services of an expert interior designer in Lahore can pay you great dividends in this regard. For the meantime, you can take some design cues from AmerAdnan Associates’ latest TV wall designs to experience chic and comfortable viewing:

1: Frame It With A Mount

Framing your LCD TV with a surround aid you put emphasis on the entertainment system while also making it look as if it exactly belongs to this space.

The wooden planks have been used to carve this exquisite frame for TV and sound bar in order to make it the main feature of the space.

TV Wall 1

The gray concrete wall behind the white wooden panel creates a frame around the flat screen TV to make it the center of attention.

TV Wall 2

2: Set It In The Wall

Recessing your TV into the wall by creating a frame around it could almost make it appear as a piece of art. Setting it deeper on the wall would also make the TV less prominent when it’s not turned on. This will divert the attention away from the TV and let other details of the living room stand out.

The wooden frame carved around this flat TV is making it take up less space. Now your flat TV will look like a picture or painting when showcasing photos instead of movies or shows.

TV Wall 3

We have recessed this entertainment system deep into the wall and surrounded it with a frame of tiles that are bounded by wood to make it the main focus of the living room.

TV Wall 4

3: Place It Alongside The Fireplace

Positioning your TV alongside the fireplace is an intriguing way to gain attention. Not only it makes your space more interesting, but it also adds a charm to it. Hanging your TV close to the fireplace also aids you to create a warm atmosphere, especially during winters and that is just perfect for enjoying a movie while snuggling on the couch.

This flat screen TV sits just above the hearth to create a cozy viewing experience.

TV Wall 5This special arrangement is created with wood stripes and mounting frame to make your TV viewing more comfortable and fun.

TV Wall 6
The beautiful stone cladding on the fireplace at the corner and delicate TV wall décor along with the wooden storage shelf will catch your visitors’ eyes as soon as they hit it.

TV Wall 7