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Budget Friendly Ideas to Redesign the Children’s Bedroom

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5 years ago

Redesigning your child’s room does not have to cost you a fortune. Here are a few decoration hacks that interior designers in Lahore use that will give the room a quick update and won’t be harsh on your pocket as well!

Creative Gallery

Children absolutely love it when the room displays their artwork and creativity. It not only gives them a deeper sense of belonging but also reminds them of what they are capable of and what they have achieved. The traditional artwork display idea is to have a soft board in the room and pin up your child’s latest artwork. However, another way is to attach a length of string to the wall and peg up your child’s gallery of artwork!

Creative Wall Stickers

Wall stickers have become a very popular and budget-friendly means of decorating children’s room. They come in great variety of normal wall stickers to 3D design wall stickers. You can select an area of the room that has a blank space on the wall to put the sticker up on. With the hundreds of fun designs that are available in the market, run wild with your imagination and create an underwater scene or a dino world corner in your child’s room so that he/she can enjoy daydreaming.

Add Applique

This can be a very stylish and fun-filled activity that you and your child can enjoy together. Consider transforming the curtains of your child’s bedroom for nearly no cost at all! You can use felt paper to cut out different shapes in different colours and stitch them onto the existing curtain.

Use Educational Toys as Décor

A child’s room should signify an incentive to play and learn apart from the comfort and coziness that is in its character. Using your child’s toys, especially educational toys, in a strategic manner such that it invites them to learn and at the same time it contributes to the room’s décor, is a smart way of setting up the room. Therefore, when redesigning the room, don’t just focus on the style of the room but also invest in its purpose. Place objects that aid in learning such as books, charts and puzzles so that your child has fun while they learn.

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