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Bespoke Home Designs All the Way

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5 years ago

Are you on the hunt for luxury home designs in Pakistan? Take a drive down the street in your favorite residential community and you can easily identify when the house was constructed- just by the building style. House designs, much like clothing, tend to follow trends and technological advancements. One way to ensure that your new home is truly unique is by creating the design from scratch.  Bespoke, or custom-made, architectural design enables homeowners to turn their dream home into a concrete reality. Construction in Pakistan is evolving at a rapid pace and it is clear that bespoke design will  take it into the future.


Bespoke design is a custom-designed housing concept which gives people the complete freedom in developing their new home. Whether it is an interior design project or the basic construction of your home, in both cases, you have complete flexibility in how to go about it.  The right architectural design firm in Pakistan would collaborate with clients  as they hand-pick the details for their new residence. The process of creating a custom-designed house requires the clients to be involved in every step of the way. Since you are no longer working with pre-designed home plans, you can break convention and develop your own layout. What type of flooring will be used? What will the color scheme consist of?  These are only some of the questions in a long list of decisions that you will end up making as the design lead.


Pre-designed home plans are popular for a reason; they provide the standard level of comfort, and utility to the occupants without compromising on style. The only catch is that these conventionally-designed houses lack individuality.  The benefits of choosing a conventionally-designed home includes being less costly, less stressful and less time consuming.

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With a bespoke home design, however, the homeowner has the opportunity to showcase their creativity.  The two key benefits of bespoke home designs are flexibility and having an active role in the building or design process. Some drawbacks include the development taking longer than projected due to unusual or challenging requirements or the final cost surpassing the initial budget.

So you’ll have to weigh the benefits of these two options and see which is best for you. If you want a home that reflects your individuality and stands out from those other run-of-the-mill  designs, go for the bespoke design option. There are a handful of architects in Lahore that have the expertise to build custom designed houses.


Why stop with a bespoke design for your home? You can now also have furniture and artwork created exactly to your specifications; just get in touch with a local architectural design firm. You can also work with an interior decorator in Lahore to select the type of fabric, color, and finish that works best for your home.  Similarly, you can draw up a sculpture, mural or mosaic concept for your design consultants to transform into a genuine work of art!

Now that your heart (and mind) are both set on a bespoke house design, your first task is to select the right architectural team for the job . Look into a firm that has had previous experience with custom-designed housing and explore their entire portfolio. Research is crucial before embarking on the journey of making your dream home. Go the whole nine yards and order custom-built furniture so your home reflects your individuality, both on the inside and the outside of the building.

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