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Benefits of Rooftop Gardens

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1 year ago

Rooftop gardens or green roofs are as self-explanatory as the name suggests. They come in three main types: ornamental, functional and natural. An ornamental green roof is a leisure point mainly and usually made with low maintenance vegetation. Functional rooftop gardens deal with edible materials like micro scale food cropping and plantation. And finally natural roof gardens are made up of moss, with grass or other naturally occurring plants. According to Architects in Lahore, rooftop gardens are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Here are some benefits of having a rooftop garden.

A Haven for Solitude & Meditation

Any and all people who meditate or practice yoga regularly will tell you how important and sometimes difficult it is to find a calm and comfortable spot in the house to sit and meditate in peace. Especially tough if you have kids or a joint family system. Catering to their clients’ arising and an increasingly common need for solitude and peace, architects in Lahore have taken to suggesting rooftop gardens. It is also an ideal place for a cup of tea with your loved ones during the cooler evenings or winter afternoon.

A Quiet Place for Afternoon Naps

A Quiet Place for Afternoon Naps

Naps are a great way to re-energize yourself during the day or on the weekends. We can all relate to wanting to doze off on winter afternoons or to just read a book in peace surrounded by nature. Rooftop gardens are the perfect blend of the ‘home away from home environment and your own personal nature hideout. A sofa cum bed or a large couch could be added to this setup to make your reading or napping experience more comfortable. If you face space constraints, consider a large rocking chair instead.

A Recreational Place for Children

Place a swing set in a corner of your rooftop garden and watch the place glow and bloom right before your eyes. Garden and swings are a very natural combination and your kids are sure to love it. If your garden is kid-centered, then perhaps a small snack table, cushions and toy chests would come in handy. You can even host your children’s birthday parties or study groups in mild weather. To make your rooftop haven safer, architects in Lahore prefer using intricately designed louvers encircling your rooftop garden.

A Place for Guest Gatherings

A Place for Guest Gatherings

Sometimes you have a messy house interior and no time to clean it up before your guests are due to arrive. Your worries are unnecessary if you own a rooftop garden. These are great for a small, smart, and a casual gathering. For weekly barbeque nights or just snacks and supper with friends. Architects and Interior designers will often fix a waterproof projector with the seating arrangement or suggest a portable flat screen setup to compliment a host environment. Ornamental rooftop gardens are most suitable for you if you love socializing and plan to host frequently.

Increase in Monetary Value of Your Property

Increase in Monetary Value of Your Property

Rooftop gardens are currently trending as one of the latest architectural designs. So it comes as a no-brainer that having a rooftop garden makes your property more attractive to prospective buyers whenever you are in the market to sell. Keep your rooftop garden well maintained for maximum aesthetic benefits as architects and builders in Pakistan believe that the prettier and greener your roof is, the more sum it is likely to fetch you if you are planning to sell your property at any point.  

Reduction of Carbon Emissions

These gardens absorb Carbon dioxide from the air and help maintain healthy oxygen levels. Rooftop greenery is a very urban concept which is just as well since most of the carbon emissions stem from cities and they do not have enough vegetation to combat them. The best architects in Lahore and builders across the globe are now focusing on an environment friendly and sustainable approach to architecture, construction and design.

Reducing Energy Costs

Rooftop vegetation helps prevent your buildings from heating up too much. They do this using water trapped in the roots as a coolant. Architects strongly recommend these to combat the blazing summers the country faces annually. This can help reduce energy costs. However, care must be taken to hire a proper consultant for a brief on watering and maintenance of the gardens.

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