Your bedroom is your personal space. This is the place where you take rest and seek comfort. Your bedroom should project class and elegance and should be designed in a way that it provides maximum comfort. Interior designers in Pakistan suggest that, apart from comfort, your room should also be styled according to the latest trends so an aesthetic appeal is added to the room. Given below are some latest ideas for designing bedrooms which are likely to gain more popularity in the year 2014:

Floral wall

Believe it or not but wall papers are coming back in fashion. Many Pakistani interior designers suggest that using a good quality wall paper is always a better idea than spending thousands of rupees on a paint job. And now, that floral patterned, funky and vivacious walls are back in fashion, it makes more sense getting a wall paper. Having one side of your walls covered with a floral wall paper and painting the rest with the base of the paper is a hot new trend which is likely to become more popular in 2014.

Neutral theme

Neutral colors like beige, champagne, peach, ivory and dull grey are still as popular as they were last year, in fact in the coming year their popularity is likely to increase. The kind of serenity these colors give to a room makes a neutral themed bedroom an ideal place to relax. A neutral colored theme is also the safest theme in terms of designing. You do not have to get confused about getting the right bed sheets, table covers and carpets; all the neutral colors match up perfectly.

Rustic and pastoral

A rugged, rustic, countryside style bedroom looks extremely stylish and trendy. To give a rough look you can go for wooden walls and floors. The point is to give a rural and raw feel to the room. Your room should look like it is straight from an old country house photo. According to Pakistani interior designers, to give a rustic look to your room, you need to integrate as many natural elements in your house as possible.

Hotel feel

A recent trend in bedroom designing is a hotel style setting. This setting works well for a large spacious bedroom as well as a small one. Get ceiling lightings to give your room a hotel-ish feel. You can also hang funky posters and pictures to give a slightly motel like look. Embellishing it and making it livelier will give a cozier feel to your hotel themed room.

All blue and white

A blue and white combination is perhaps the most soothing color combination. A room with a blue and white theme looks extremely relaxing and cozy. The expert interior designers in Pakistan are of the opinion that a blue and white theme is ideal for all ages and seasons and gives an aura of comfort and ease to the room.

To get your bedroom all styled up this coming year, go for the above mentioned contemporary bedroom themes suggested by famous Pakistani interior designers.