Sinks are the key component of bathrooms around the world. Everyone who enters a washroom notices the style and quality of sink, so, it needs to be a good one if you want to last an impression on others. Whether you require purchasing a sink for commercial or residential requirements, you can get to the nearest sanitary shop and choose the one that best meets your needs. At the sanitary shop, you will  find a wide range of sinks; from simple plain white sinks to extremely stylish and elegantly designed ones. A plain white sink does not add any personal touch to your bathroom but a stylish one can make it the center of attention for anybody, who uses your bathroom. A professional interior designer in Lahore such as Amer Adnan can help you choose the sink that best fits your requirements and matches well with your bathroom’s theme.

In the modern age, a great deal of advancement is being done in the interior decoration industry and a lot more is yet to be done. A wide range of bathroom sinks are available today and each comes with its own benefits. There are vessel sinks that are also known as above counter sinks, wall-mounted sinks, under-mounted sinks, self-rimming sinks, pedestal sinks and many more. Different types of sinks are made of different materials such as vitreous china, fireclay, porcelain, ceramic, resin, glass, stone, and vary in prices. Here is the detail of some common types of sinks used today with their applications and benefits:

Wall-Mounted Sinks

The wall-mounted sinks are ideal for bathrooms, which are not so spacious. Since, this smart and elegant sink does not consume enough space; it is used at many places, especially at the public places. Although the wall-mounted sinks are compact and convenient in terms of space, yet they have their limitations. These sinks are smaller and lack sufficient storage space. They are recommended for the bathrooms, which are not used very often.

Vessel Sinks

They are also known as above-counter sinks. Vessel sinks are kept on the top of a counter and have tendency to add a touch of artistic class to your washroom. Vessel sinks were also used in the early days however today, you can find extremely elegant and stylish above counter sinks at the local sanitary stores. If you ask opinion from a professional designer & Architect in Pakistan, he can guide you regarding the type of vessel sink that best suits your bathroom’s theme. The vessel sinks are usually available in materials such as glass, stone, bronze and vitreous china.

Pedestal Sinks

This is the most common type of sinks. The pedestal sinks come in a variety of sizes from smaller to medium and even large. They are easier to clean and are among the most preferred choices at homes. The pedestal sinks are commonly made out of vitreous china and come in various shapes and colors, matching with the flooring and walls of your bathroom.

Self-Rimming Sinks

If you are seeking all-purpose sinks, which are suitable for any kind of vanity then self-rimming sinks are among the best options for you. These sinks are easy in cleaning and maintenance and are good for use in domestic as well as public washrooms. Since, every product has its pros and cons; the biggest drawback of self-rimming sinks is that they are difficult to clean at the place where they meet the countertop. You can find these sinks in a variety of sizes and styles suiting your budget and design preference. They can be conveniently installed and removed and hardly involve any technicalities in this process.