We have all seen “before and after” shots of home renovation in magazines or social media. The process might look easy but in reality, a lot of effort and thought goes into making home space work. So what are some fundamental elements if you are planning to decorate your home? Listed here are some basic interior design rules for your dream home recommended by top interior decorators in Pakistan.

Give Your Sofas Space

Being practical is an important aspect in your aim for a comfortable living space. As a general rule, a space of 45 centimeters should be kept between the seating and the coffee table. Any more than this would be uncomfortable when reaching for a cup and less than this might look congested. Also, you have the right proportion if your table is two-thirds the size of the sofa.

Choose the Statement Piece

Every room needs to have a statement piece that delights the sight and leaves a pleasing impact on the room. This piece could be bold-colored furniture or artwork on the wall—something that your guests always talk about when they enter! This piece will definitely steal the limelight as one enters the room.

Create Layers

You cannot just throw everything in the room all at once. You should envision your room space in terms of layers then work your way by gradually building up through textures, patterns, colors, and light. Adding your personal style is critical instead of just following the trend. The trick lies in combining a range of prints, fabrics, and colors in such a way that gives character and warmth to the room.

Hang the Right Artwork Correctly

Create Layers

Pictures and paintings should hang at eye level which is approximately 145 centimeters from the floor. They should not be placed too high. There can be exceptions though; if you have a smaller picture, you can hang it next to the lamp or over the side table, for instance. This is mostly done to kindle an intimate feeling.

Add Mirrors


Mirrors have the magic of not just visually expanding the space but also add light and depth to the room. Because they also add a decorative touch to the interior, they have the potential to be the hero piece in the room. Plus, adding mirrors can blow life into your otherwise overlooked areas. Even though square and rectangular-shaped mirrors are commonly used but having a round-shaped mirror makes the room more inviting.

Lighting Your Room Correctly

The right lighting can lift your spirits, inspire productivity, and make you feel energetic. Also, it can miraculously transform your room space by brightening up the dark corners. If you want to hang a chandelier over your dining table then go for a fitting that is two-thirds the width of the table. This reinforces the proportion. Most importantly, choose ambient lighting that illuminates the room in its entirety.

Dress Your Windows

You should dress your room windows with a combination of comfort, style, and privacy. There are countless options to dress your windows but it all depends on your personal preference with the tinge of the latest trend. If you want a clean and crisp window idea then pick the pristine white shutters or else you can add warmth with its darker version. Either way, you can use curtains with floral patterns for a soft vintage look.

Mix up Furniture Shapes

If you observe that your room mostly has rectangular or square-shaped furniture then introduce some round shapes like a round coffee table or maybe a round rug. Another great way to break up all those rectangles and squares in your room is by opting for a round mirror.

Viewing the room from some distance makes it easier for you to judge what is missing and what needs to be removed or replaced. By proper planning and following the tips of professional interior designers in Lahore, you can eventually end up with the home of your dreams!