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5 years ago

Our homes are meant to be safe havens, both physically and emotionally, where we rush to at the end of a workday. Often, the more stressful the experience is, the more eager we become to retire in our favorite corner of the house. If we live with family members, those cozy nooks might not be available by the time we actually get back home. Should you just give up and go sulk in the car? Hopefully, we can help you avoid that fate!

Re-evaluate your living situation and you are bound to discover at least one potential sanctuary space: a balcony.  It is a place people use to have their morning tea, read a book or have a phone conversation under the starry sky .  A balcony is, unfortunately, commonly overlooked when homeowners renovate their residences. If it is utilized, people end up using it as a storage space – what a waste! This exterior space extends the connected room’s utility while also providing a pleasant view of the surrounding neighborhood. Any balcony, with the assistance of an experienced architectural firm in Pakistan, can easily be transformed into an open-air retreat or a miniature garden area.

Some ideas that can be incorporated into your balcony design include:


Depending on the size of the balcony, homeowners can order custom-built shelves, chairs, tables and even sofas for the area. Wall-mounted shelves are especially handy if one wants to display small decorative items, picture frames, small potted plants, and books. Keep in mind this space is open to the elements, so take precaution and remove or waterproof any valuable items during the annual monsoon season. Wooden folding chairs can be accessorized with coordinating accent pillows and seat cushions. Twinkling fairy lights really add to the ambiance – so don’t forget to hang them up!

In order to give the illusion of a larger space, use monochromatic color schemes for the furniture, flooring and wall paint. Invest in a small square-shaped or circle-shaped table to serve as a dining table or workstation – based on the time of the day. As soon as the renovations are complete, take a break from the dining room and escape to your good-as-new balcony.  Add in a few tea-lights, placemats, a pizza hot from the oven and some mood music; this dinner for two is bound to rival the best restaurants in town!


Exhibit your taste

The interior design gurus recommend accent pieces that ‘gel’ with the balcony’s overall theme. Whether your balcony’s theme is a tropical hut, a cozy cottage corner, a boho-chic loft, or a traditional Italian terrace, there is bound to be an accent piece in the marketplace that completes the look. Accent pieces can range from decorative trays, wall clocks or even miniature chandeliers. Looking at luxury home designs in Pakistan, it is obvious that gold and sparkle are in demand.  Why not extend that glamor quotient to the balcony area?


Decorating one’s balcony with plants seems like the natural thing to do. However, how do you go about this without making it look cluttered? Add hanging baskets stuffed with bougainvillea and trumpet vines above the railing in the balcony. You can even install fake grass patches to simulate a private garden experience.  Vines, wall-only planters, and entire living walls ; there are numerous options if one wants to enjoy Mother Nature without losing out on precious floor space.


All about the temperature

Maintaining a comfortable temperature on the balcony requires some forethought as well as some appliances. When winter is around the corner, you can add blankets, shawls, and outdoor heaters. Swap in misters, rotating fans and portable sunscreens for the summertime.

Whether you incorporate all or some of these suggestions, the eventual balcony design is guaranteed to be an oasis for the tired body and soul. Sitting in absolute silence, or reading a book – your dream balcony is just a renovation project away!