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Around the Corner: Designing Multi-Store Chains & Shops

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4 years ago

Here is a secret that all successful retailers know: a nod or a smile can transform a random visitor into a repeat customer. Comfort and friendliness play a significant part in endearing a new business to potential customers in the area. A newly-constructed grocery store, department store, or a coffee shop will need to win over people in the neighbourhood through smart marketing, superior customer service, and attractive architectural design. This is where architectural consultants such as Amer Adnan Associates (AAA) come in. The dedicated team of architects provides a full range of services required for an effective franchise launch – architecture, construction, and interior design.

Consistency Across Multiple Locations

Shopping Mall

Perhaps the most important aspect of franchise architecture, be it a bakery, cafe, or a clothing store, is staying aligned with the original brand. A true understanding of the brand goes beyond the surface-level details and latches on to the business’s mission as well as vision. A conscientious architect will practice intentional design and maintain the brand’s aura throughout every outlet.

Depending on the type of outlet, be it a restaurant or a real estate agency, the design will have an almost direct impact on the overall customer experience. Whenever, and wherever a potential customer will interact with the brand or an official representative, that is where space should be optimised for comfort, and accessibility. If it is a diner, then the counter space should be wide enough for patrons to easily eat their meal while it should be low enough to accommodate most customers. There can be varied seating arrangements (stools and chairs), and lower counters for those in wheelchairs. The design team should place a premium on providing potential customers with a smooth dining or retail experience within their community.

The Reliability Factor: Committed Vendors

Committed Vendors

Commercial design work generally takes longer than individual residential projects.  Seeing as how they are long-term projects, seasoned architects place a premium on finding reliable vendors for the entire duration. Dependable suppliers will meet all deadlines while maintaining timely communication with their design partners. Reliable vendors will also take full accountability for any and all possible quality concerns. The project’s scale is likely to impact the design strategy as well as the total cost of design and construction services. A prudent approach involves working with trustworthy suppliers and vendors to keep the overall costs down.

Meeting Client Expectations

Client Expectations

A well-built commercial space must fulfill all of the client’s expectations – from furniture selection to lighting fixtures. An architectural design team will consider the client’s point-of-view, the particular franchise’s design limitations, operational efficiency, and overall budget concerns before starting work on the project itself. They should also maintain a franchise’s specific standards through the entirety of the commercial project.

Multi-unit commercial projects require bespoke architectural and interior services to develop a distinct brand presence – one that grabs the customer’s attention from the storefront.  When selecting a construction partner, choose a construction company in Lahore that has expertise in working on commercial projects. With years of experience designing and delivering high-end architectural projects, AAA is a trusted choice for the design and construction of innovative commercial spaces in Lahore.

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