Designing a new home is an exciting process for any homeowner but it can also be a daunting task. Here is a checklist proposed by Architects in Lahore and building designers in the industry.

Avoid Mixing the Building Materials


Researching about your property before purchase is primarily the most essential to-do-thing. Though one can never have an absolutely immaculate piece of land with no problems in any respect, it’s still unavoidably imperative to try and do a reasonable degree of research, so that you recognize exactly what materials would suit the planning of your house best under the type of climate and day-today atmospheric variations round the site. 

Also, be very careful when using over two sorts of cladding materials for the elevation, because the wrong material may lead to your façade appearing unkempt; this might even cause water leakage into your house.

Employing Site-Favorable Construction Procedures


Once you are done understanding how your chosen site is perfect for your new house, make sure to revisit the conditions that you know the construction workers will be working under. Also have a go around the affordability status of the project- is the plan that you have conceived in sync with your budget?

Using inappropriate construction types may result in things just like the building appearing heavy after you had conceived a light plan. This will additionally end in expensive building foundations.

Preventing the “Cold in Winter, Hot in Summer” Situation


Best Interior Designers in Lahore say that ideally you need to orientate all bedrooms and living areas to face north. This may provide perfect sun penetration to each room within the house. The master or most-used bedroom is preferable on the north/east if you’re a morning person and can even be totally protected by other internal spaces from the brutal western summer sun. 

Window overhangs and shading – 900mm roof overhang is basically the optimal roof shading depth over windows to the north, on home sites with excellent sun penetration. Avoid having any windows and doors on the west side of the house, unless a petite high window is important for ventilation.

Insulate all external walls, ceilings and roofs. Ceiling and roof insulation are two different items and you ought to have both to make sure your house is thermally comfortable throughout the year.

Incorporating the Necessary Spaces


You want to analyze the spaces that cater to your family’s needs and plan your design accordingly. Top Architects in Pakistan suggest that the lounge area must be near the kitchen, but we see that these usually are acoustically cut-off from noisy areas like the kitchen or the recreation room. Additionally, the family room must also be positioned next to the kitchen that has doors which open into an outdoor space- so that the kitchen can view this outside space easily.

Planning the Design Composition


A well designed building comes from seriously considering things for instance the proportion, regularity and reappearance.

  • ProportionThe building you design must match human scale and must not look visually out of proportion (to too big or too small). You would like to know this before you decide to move forward with the plan.
  • RegularityUsing regularity may be a simple and traditional method of ensuring a building looks visually comfortable.
  • ReappearanceUsing reappearance in your design offers the building visual strength and luxury. Reappearance in windows or doors can work rather well in an exceedingly well-planned design.

With this check list you’ll ensure that you simply design for yourself a home that’s not only visually appealing, but also well-functioning and as per the requirements of your family.