Sukh Chayn Gardens is a housing society on Multan Road, Lahore, inaugurated in 2005. It boasts peaceful living and well-designed infrastructure to any potential client willing to build there.

In the last few years, design companies have been expanding their portfolio within Lahore – as new societies within the city’s suburbs continue to crop up, local architecture and construction firms work at a vigorous, competitive pace to create amazing living spaces.  It’s always an exciting opportunity for Amer Adnan Associates to go on location and create an atmosphere;  on a larger scale society planning should be undertaken in a way where the landscape compliments the built spaces and exchanges within the community are encouraged through the development of informal meeting areas.

The scope of the project in Sukh Chayn was to design two separate houses, on the eight kanal property, and make them appear as one. The land boasts an array of mango trees (all of which are over 30 years old). It was a challenge evolving the houses around them, but one the design team accomplished nonetheless.

When it comes to design, it’s easy to pick up on trends and immerse them seamlessly into your own project. But nothing great was ever easy; thus three elevation options were presented to the client, two of which needed a bit of an adventurous spirit to fully appreciate how the home was visualized.

Let’s just say the client opted for ‘trendy’. Other blanket terms for which could be ‘timeless’ and ‘classic’. The materials used on the façade were raw wooden strips and chiseled stone (as an accent), white emulsion and concrete plaster. Concrete finishes are versatile in terms of their constitution – high gloss finishes give a more polished look, whereas a grainy surface is wonderful for textural detailing.

At the end of the day, all respective parties (designer, client and contractor) want the same thing – to facilitate the creation of something beautiful.