Design-related decision-making is naturally a personal endeavour. The global trends can sway a homeowner in one direction or another, but eventually, one’s preferences tend to dominate. Recently, however, there has been a drift towards more opulent, elaborately-designed homes in Pakistan. An increasingly baroque aesthetic has come to influence both architectural design and interior design, sometimes at the cost of convenience and functionality. This trend has less to do with what individual homeowners like and more with the interior designers’ or importers’ selection. Here at Amer Adnan Associates, our focus remains on delivering fully-customised residences with designs that can stand the test of time.

Responsible Design Leads to Eco-Friendly Houses

Eco Friendly House

We prioritise bringing ‘depth into design’ by delving deeper into environmentally-friendly processes. The homes we design can significantly reduce the client’s carbon footprint by the smart use (and re-use) of natural resources. With this in mind, we now consider the physical landscape the client’s house will occupy.

Hillside Abodes

❏ For clients who want a house built on a steeped terrain, our team works with them to sketch out a design that blends the building into the hillside.

Multi-Storey Homes

❏ We still try to make sunlight accessible with adequate cloud cover to help improve the insulation in the home. This is especially true for multi-storey homes.

Flatland Living

❏ On flat or even terrains, one can consider adding a basement in spacious properties such as farmhouses, or a veranda. These help with improving insulation in larger-than-average homes.

Wider Horizons

❏ If you have a midsize or a smaller home, you could consider having more windows. The more windows you have, the more you can look at your garden or surroundings more easily. Also, flat roofs are preferred over pointed roofs, as snow isn’t a concern for most metropolitan cities.

Grounded in Reality

Beautiful Interior

Other factors to consider when building a home in Pakistan include synchronicity between the interior and the exterior. Often, homeowners focus on multi-tiered garden areas, complete with water features, custom-built pathways, and gazebos. In such cases, the garden clashes with a very contemporary interior that lacks any kind of greenery. To avoid a sharp contrast, homeowners can opt to ‘bring the outside in’ by using house plants, similar types of wooden furniture, or the same tiles throughout the property. Another way to ensure the comfort of all the residents is by installing lifts in multi-storey or split-level homes. This is especially useful for homes with differently-abled individuals or senior citizens. One trend that is picking up speed is the addition of a small den within the master suite. This space can house a mini-home theater, a gaming center, a reading corner or a yoga spot. It is recommended that new homeowners eliminate drawing rooms at the blueprint phase, as they are rarely used these days. Instead, opt for a lounge with multi-purpose seating or an open space that can accommodate casual and formal guests.

Home Sweet New Home

Home in Pakistan

Among the latest trends being adopted by first-time owners are the following:

❏ Dedicated laundry rooms which include a washing machine, dryer, ironing stand, and hampers.
❏ Reading nooks nestled within bay windows or picture windows. These are often accompanied by custom bookshelves, rocking chairs, and floor pillows.
❏ Secondary storage spaces or pantries are being designed near kitchens to accommodate water bottles and other bulk food & beverage supplies.

In 2020, it is clear that potential homeowners desire a house that evolves with them throughout the years. At Amer Adnan Associates, we also believe in realistic design as a core element of designing a ‘forever’ home, something which is often overlooked by other architects. We listen, guide and ultimately, deliver dream homes to our clients.