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AAA Design Series: Market Trends for Summer 2019

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4 years ago

Architecture and interior design  are two professional disciplines that are continuously evolving, be it for commercial or residential projects.  Are long winding driveways in demand? Do families really need multiple kitchens in a three-level residence? Is it time to install solar panels for an environmentally-friendly power solution? As a prospective homeowner, it is natural to wonder about the latest trends that influence modern house designs in Pakistan. We sat down with the architectural design team at Amer Adnan Associates  (AAA) to discuss emerging trends in architecture and construction in Lahore for Summer 2019.

Design & Layouts

Design & Layouts

Classical architecture and modern architecture are both dominating the design and layouts category this year. In the years prior to 2010, modern architectural design has become immensely popular across the entire nation. It is recognisable by free-flowing, open floor plan, column-beam structures, boxy shapes, and natural colour tones such as sand, granite, or egg-shell. Modern architecture consists of an overall robust simplicity, an adherence to straight lines, and a strictly minimalist approach to interior design. Classical architecture, on the other hand, involves a grander scale as well as an elaborate, ornamental style of decoration. Popularly referenced types of classical architecture include Victorian, Gothic, Neoclassical, and so forth. Classical elements in contemporary building design consist of Grecian or Roman columns, statues, bay windows, turrets, long hallways, and grand formal rooms.

Construction Materials

Construction Material

There are three essential construction materials that form the foundation of just about every quality residential or commercial project.

  • One of the key construction materials used is bricks. The benefits of using bricks include a cooler-than-average home and energy-efficiency. As a building material, bricks are considerably more durable, cost-efficient, and require less maintenance than the alternative. Usually, bricks are used to set the foundation from the ground level all the way up to the ceiling.
  • Another key construction material is concrete. It is normally utilised for structural purposes like strengthening the building’s core. The ‘Naked Concrete’ concept has recently caught on and is often being requested as an exterior finish. It lends an ultra-modern, minimalist look and works particularly well with lush, well-tended garden areas.
  • The final core construction material is steel. Steel is used in tandem with concrete to develop the building’s skeletal structure.

Tips for Prospective Homeowners

Prospective Homeowners

Amer Adnan’s team suggests finding inspiration by exploring traditional, regional architecture and interior design concepts. This could mean bringing back courtyards, or verandas. It is not enough to draw them back into existence. By working with an experienced architect, you can add slightly updated elements that reference Pakistan of yesteryear while accommodating modern living preferences like air conditioning.

Another recommendation by the AAA team is to invest in greenery and shrubbery in and around your upcoming construction project. This could look like the addition of indoor courtyards, terrariums, fountains, and even ponds. Living walls and wall-climbing vines are not only visually-pleasing, but also provide a more energy-efficient way to regulate heat during the summer.

Active & Passive Design

Active Passive Design

An important variable to consider is the balance between active and passive design. Passive design is when a structure relies on natural energy such as wind, sunlight, temperature, and so on. Active design, conversely, includes anything predominantly electrical such as wind turbines or solar panels. A balance should be maintained between both types of design elements to ensure the development of a long-lasting building.

Key Recommendations for Commercial Projects

Commercial Projects

Team AAA suggests a more functional, modernistic approach for newer commercial projects. Take, for example, how Malaysian architects have created a unique blend of regional design and contemporary, sustainable elements when designing commercial buildings. As a business owner, you must take into account geographical and environmental constraints before committing to a brand-new commercial project design.

Global Market Trends

Market Trends

  • Colours

Those leaning towards modern architecture will be selecting conventionally neutral colours like black, grey, white, and browns. Minimalist design philosophy subscribes to geometrical shapes, straight lines, and clean white spaces. When applied to a living space, this colour palette provides a solid backdrop for succulents, flowering cacti, and money plants.  Brighter, warmer colours like reds, oranges, and yellows can be used as accents in the form of pillows, curtains, table runners, or even cabinetry.

For homes with a more classical architectural design, the colour palette will be deeper, richer, and more varied when compared to modern architecture. Vibrant purples, deep royal blues, bright golds, sparkling silvers, and lush greens – all of these combine to form an ideal colour palette for this type of architecture.

  • Furniture

In 2019, new homeowners are taking their furniture placement quite seriously. They are removing pieces that no longer fit their lifestyle and opting for multi-purpose pieces like sofa-cum-beds for the study or t.v. lounge. Furniture styles can be just about anything, from retro-inspired Eames chair to a Victorian-era fainting couch, as long as it supports your home’s overall design direction.  Another trend that homeowners are embracing involves custom-designed privacy screens and partitions for larger, loft-like spaces.

  • Landscape Design

Landscape design works off of the house’s overall aesthetic. A classic design, complete with columns and wrap-around-porches, will benefit from neatly manicured shrubbery, rose bushes, cobblestone pathways, and flowering trees. In contrast, a garden surrounding a minimalist-style residence can consist of cacti, river rocks, ad-hoc looking wildflower arrangements, fountains, and a Japanese koi pond.  You will require the services of both a reliable construction company in Lahore and an experienced landscape designer to achieve a proper, sustainable garden design.

While these trends provide a solid launching pad for your brand-new residential project, you can still explore colours, styles, and concepts that catch your eye.

As a homeowner, you must consider every single aspect of the new project, from comfort to budget, before giving the go-ahead for construction work to begin. Surround yourself with those design professionals whose judgement you trust, such as your architect, and interior designer, as well as your family members. Trust that a reputable house construction company in Pakistan will always match your requirements as the client with their skills and know-how as experienced professionals.

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