The dream home demands a lot from its owner: their vision, their drive, their time, and their partnership with an experienced contractor. The interview and selection process for a new contractor is as crucial of a step as deciding upon an architectural design team. A slight miscalculation during the selection process can result in substandard work, unexpected delays, and even financial loss. There should be enough trust and integrity between both parties in order to work on a long-term construction project together. This is why it’s vital to develop a strong working relationship from the very start of the venture. When investing time, effort, energy and capital in a residential project, it makes sense to appoint someone who understands your ultimate goal.

Here are some details to take into account while meeting candidates for construction in Lahore:

#1. References & Referrals

References & Referrals

A good rule-of-thumb is to first consider contractors that come with a reference from either a trusted friend or an acquaintance. This approach works particularly well if they have recently used the contractor’s services for a full-scale residential or commercial building project. Testimonials from previous clients are also helpful in determining whether they are the  right fit for the job. You are ideally looking for someone who provides their clients with a positive experience overall – from start to finish. A building professional will prioritise developing a relationship with their prospective clients and avoid pressuring them into making a hasty decision.

#2. Relevant Experience

Relevant Experience

Has this contractor completed similar projects before? If not, it might not be wise to hire this particular contractor for your upcoming project. You will need a contractor who has relevant experience, be it for multi-level family homes or a sprawling vacation home. It is okay to ask for pictures, as well as other relevant details, about previously-completed construction projects. This can include access to their portfolio if that is not already accessible on the contractor’s official website. A proper professional portfolio usually consists of at least ten projects. You can even ask how many homes they usually build in a year’s time. During the research phase, you can easily check out the modern house designs in Pakistan that potential contractors have worked on in your preferred neighbourhood.

#3. The Cost Factor

The Cost Factor

It is recommended that prospective homeowners conduct adequate research to understand the current market rates and the average contractor fees.With countless construction projects underway in Pakistan, they can easily find out the market rates before a single meeting takes place. If the contractor is charging suspiciously low fees upfront, there is a risk of “surprise” expenses cropping up throughout the building experience. All homeowners deserve to work with thorough professionals who stick to mutually-decided upon budgets as well as timelines.

#4. Sustainable & Renewable Materials

Renewable Materials

Do you want to work exclusively with renewable or environmentally-friendly materials? Discuss these preferences with potential contractors so you know what materials they usually work with.  This is particularly true if you are wary of using materials that leave a lot of waste. It is important to have someone who understands your priorities, such as minimal waste while working on a residential project. A sizeable number of construction companies in Lahore are open to building with sustainable resources.

#5. Staying On Schedule


After a timeline has been decided upon for your residential project, it is critical that the contractor sticks to it as well. As a homeowner, you can request weekly reports from your contractor as well as make regular site visits to check on the progress. It’s always better to have a transparent and honest relationship when working on large-scale projects together.

Once you have selected your contractor, it’s now time to begin work on the actual project itself – your brand-new home. Here is where your architectural design team and the general contractor start working together to achieve the desired result. Keeping in mind the daily interaction, the residential contractor can become somebody you trust to transform a cherished dream into a reality.