There is no doubt about the fact that Pakistani real estate industry has experienced great hike lately in terms of land prices that have gone way beyond the reach of a common person. This trend has made people to live in rented homes and apartments instead of having to purchase their own residence. Owing to the massive rise in land prices, the trend of constructing taller buildings on smaller lands has grabbed the attention of construction firms. The hike in land prices in Pakistan’s metropolitan cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad has resulted in the construction of more apartments as compared to the houses. Since the idea of living in apartments is new to the people of Lahore and Islamabad as compared to that of Karachi, there is a great confusion, whether or not an apartment would suit them. If you are also one of those people, who are keen to know about the pros and cons of living in apartments and homes, this article by AmerAdnan® would help you getting a better insight into this matter.

Cost Comparison

Cost ComparisonHouses or villas are, of course, much more costly than the apartments; as a house building is constructed independently on a piece of land whereas apartments share a common land that is owned by third party. This makes the total price of a regular apartment way below the price of an independent house. However, just like the trend of luxury homes in Lahore, the trend of luxury apartments has also gained popularity lately, and the country’s renowned construction companies have started building premium class apartments for the corporate community.

Possibility of Future Alterations

Future AlterationsWhen you purchase a house, you are in the driving seat and are free to make any kind of changes while following rules & regulations set by the town development authorities. On the other hand, when living in an apartment, you will have to seek permission from the landlord to make any modifications and alterations to the apartment. In fact, you’ll be restricted to limited alteration possibilities because of a limited space and a common floor plan for the entire building.

Service & Security

Service & SecurityIf we make a comparison of services and security of homes and apartments, we are sure to find out that apartments are more secure and have a quicker service available at a phone call as compared to that of houses. The apartments have 24/7 surveillance & security systems managed by trained surveillance staff. Moreover, the apartments’ administration charges each apartment, certain amount for maintenance of elevators and for the cleanliness. The repair staff is also made available at a phone call to ensure convenient and happy living for all.

Uninterrupted Electricity

Uninterrupted ElectricityIn all good apartment buildings, there are stand-by generators to combat massive load-shedding across the country. This ensures 24/7 uninterrupted power supply getting all residents rid from the hassle of running generators or relying on the UPS. The fuel cost for running generator is included in the monthly maintenance and service charges that are to be paid by all residents of apartments.

Neighborhood & Privacy

Neighborhood & PrivacyThere is no doubt about the fact that houses have much more privacy as compared to that of apartments. When it comes to houses, there is more privacy and comfort. A loud music being listened to, by a neighbor in an apartment may prevent you from getting a peaceful sleep. Moreover, you may walk around or get outside with your nightwear or shorts on, when living in a house, whereas in an apartment, things might not be this comfortable.

Living Space

Living SpaceLast but not least, the living space available in a house is much more than that of an apartment. There may be a lawn, a terrace, a garage, a big living room, a separate drawing/dining room, a separate kitchen and much more in a house whereas in an apartments, rooms usually get compact and congested.