It’s not every day you get a client who knows EXACTLY what they want…with a multimillion dollar feature film as a reference. Tony Stark did a lot more than just shine in his metal suit; people paying attention would’ve been blown away by the architecture of his house!

Our client certainly was…

So architect in Pakistan created a bit of that movie magic in DHA, Islamabad. The setting was brilliant; a mountaintop with a view of the river and valley below; a generous plot size, with multiple levels to build upon.

The Stark house had three main components which we had to emphasize in our design:

  1. An organic form
  2. Plenty of ribbon windows
  3. A smooth white finish, with metal accents

The house in Islamabad, Pakistanhad a facade that needed to look good from all angles; its design allowed for it to make a different impact when viewed from different perspectives. The circular plan was cut into segments for rooms, then alternatively pushed in or out to create interesting breaks and projections.

At first the roof structure was curved and thin, reminiscent of concrete shells used atop stadiums, but the projections became too large (not to mention too complicated); thus a simpler roof system was opted for. You know, the flat kind (with a bit of a tilt).

The ribbon windows on the first floor were slanted from the top, parallel to the slope of the roof. The terrace was supported on curved buttresses, which provide a neat break to the windows as well. A cylindrical projection at the top seems to be holding all the disks together, in a haphazard sort of way. As the central concrete elevator shaft, it should provide a modicum of support. Perhaps.

The house has an open plan, easy-breezy feel with panoramic views on every floor. With such an idyllic location, it’s all about letting the outdoors in and enjoying the play of light and shadows on the inside and out.