Have you ever noticed what the point of focus in a living room is? Evidently there are many things that are a center of attention in a living room, but a coffee table is a notable one; the reason being it is placed right in the center of the room on a shaggy rug next to the plush and comfy sofas. Everything from the magazines to the newspapers, coffee cups to the dry fruits, is placed right on the coffee table. At times, this table also serves the purpose of a mini dining table when a handful of pals plan eating something at the comfort of sofa, couch or cushion.

Pakistani interior designers these days usually recommend use of wooden coffee tables with glass tops that are either in contrast with the wall or matching the furniture. The trend of metal coffee tables has also gained popularity lately across the world owing to their stylish finish and less weight. The modern coffee tables come with smart storage capacities as they comprise stylish drawers or smart cabinets. The products most commonly placed on the coffee tables include books, magazines, decorative items, beverages, etc. The majority of the coffee tables are rectangular in shape however, there are also square, round and oval shaped coffee tables to suit different architectures and interiors.

Metal Coffee Tables

Metal Coffee TablesA wide variety of metal coffee tables is available in the market. There are aluminum coffee tables, stainless steel coffee tables and brass coffee tables, each suiting a different living room interior. The metal coffee tables have not only gained popularity across homes, but are also widely used in commercial settings including offices, waiting rooms, hotels and other settings. The key reason behind their popularity is the sturdiness, durability and modern looks.

Glass Top Coffee Tables

Glass Top Coffee TablesThe glass top coffee tables are also pretty popular in contemporary interiors. They usually boast transparent or frosted glass tops that are placed on metal or wooden frames. The glass top coffee tables are stylish & versatile and therefore, have the ability to blend with any kind of home or office interior. In homes, where too many naughty kids run around all day long, the glass placed on a coffee table should be too thick to break, no matter what. The reinforced glass also known as tempered glass can also be considered for glass top coffee tables to ensure longevity and safety in all cases.

Lift-Top Coffee Tables

Lift-Top Coffee TablesThe lift-top coffee tables are stylish and the most modern kind of tables that come in a number of sizes and styles. They are usually made out of wood. The lift-top coffee tables have a top that can be lifted in order to transform the table into a dining table or into a desk for studying or working purposes. These mechanical tables also have great deal of storage space underneath and can be used to place smaller objects of daily use.