The flooring of any house plays a pivotal role in the overall look, feel and décor of the house. Despite the huge range and variety of options to choose from, tile selection can be tricky and technical as not every type of tile is appropriate for every room and space. Here are a few tips to consider when you wish to select the best tile options for different areas of your house.

Floor Usage

This is perhaps an ideal starting point when deciding what kind of tile you would want in a certain area of the house. Home construction companies in Lahore strongly recommend that home owners evaluate the usage and suitability of tiles for every room of the house prior to finalizing its material and design. For instance if it is the lounge or kitchen, there will be heavy traffic and it is best to have tiles that wear well. Also, it would be advisable to select a material that is easy to maintain as opposed to textures such as natural stone finish which is high maintenance.

Tile Design is Proportional to Layout Design

Tiles can do wonders or become a complete disaster if they are not selected and placed in accordance with the layout of a given space. Not every tile is suitable for every layout design. For instance, for a non-complex side by side layout design, patterned tiles will work well. However, if you opt for simple, plain tiles you have more options to arrange the tiles in – a weave basket design or metro shaped tile designs. It may be best to acquire some sample tiles and see what looks best in the given space of the house.

Colour Theme

A well-planned house will have an obvious harmony in style and shades across the house as opposed to having plugged in safe neutrals everywhere. When selecting the colour of the tiles for a room, pay close attention to the shade of the grout as well. There is a plethora of options to choose from, all you need to be vigilant about is whether you would like the grout to be in contrast with the shade of the tile or would you like it to match the colour of the tiles. All in all, be careful about the colour scheme when selecting tiles for your house because regardless of the texture or material, the colour of the floor has a huge impact on the overall look of the house.

Tile Dimensions

As discussed earlier, not every tile is meant for every corner of the house and not every size of tile fits the purpose of every room of the house. Creating visual space is key when working on floors, walls and ceilings and therefore, for smaller rooms it would be best to use plain but large tiles. You have more options to experiment from when you have to select flooring for more open spaces, however, even then a lot depends on the material and pattern designs on the tiles themselves – textured tiles or patterned tiles can look very complex to the eye if used in greater dimensions.

Once again, it would be smart to acquire samples of tiles for different areas of the house and see what looks best. Considering that flooring is done once and is quite expensive, it is best to take some time and evaluate the right options for your house and select tiles that uplift the overall look of your house!