Have you been thinking long to revitalize the look of your kitchen? The just started year 2015 is perhaps the best time to take a plunge because the passion of getting something done gets amplified with the hype of a New Year.

You can even refresh the look of your whole house that is done preferably with the change of weather and climatic conditions. Even if someone wants to have some slight changes in the look of a house; it will require giving special attention to some specific areas, of which the most important is kitchen. Let us get into some of the kitchen designing trends, which are likely to be seen in Pakistan, in the year 2015.

1. Open and Airy Kitchens on Rise

Earlier, the kitchens were used to be closed like a room but for the past few years, the trend has seen a shift towards open kitchen that is directly linked with a dining. The trend is going to be prevalent in the year 2015 too. Along with the open kitchen, the open shelving (which was an old-time trend) is going to take a comeback. However, whenever you want to link your open kitchen with that of living room, there is a need to keep up a harmony throughout the cooking area and the zone attached with it.

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2. The Use of Wall Papers

The use of wall papers in the house walls is again going to get popularity in the year 2015 but this time it is going to be incorporated in the kitchen walls too, to give a livelier effect to a kitchen area. You can select from the range of wallpapers but do not forget to keep up an overall compatibility of the areas linked with it. Your interior designer in Pakistan can guide you best about the best wallpapers for your kitchen.

3. Silver and Stainless Steel will Be Out

Silver, chrome and stainless steel have long been used in faucets and lighting fixtures but the year 2015 is going to change the trend completely. Now, the faucets, lighting fixtures and other accents of interior designing, which use metals, will be in golden, bronze and copper.

4. The Amalgamation of Trendy and Traditional Interior

The mixing of trendy and traditional would certainly bring out a third type designing. For instance, the modern style cabinetry with sleeker and shining surfaces having no curves and designing on the shelves’ doors will be used in Kitchens.   However, with a traditional style countertops and chairs and tables, where family members could enjoy a meal together, will maintain a traditional style ambiance of a cooking area. To design this kind of kitchen, you do not need to have a special dining room; instead joining it with your open kitchen is the best option.

5. Cabinets with Darker Shades

Cabinetry is again going to become the focal point of the kitchen; therefore, it would be in darker shades of color such as black, dark brown, blue, and maroon and in other darker shades.

6. Touchless Faucets

All the ongoing technological developments are meant to make the life easier and luxurious; therefore, when it comes to choosing the faucets for a kitchen, you would love to purchase touchless faucets, which require no time and energy to open or turn off a tap.

For those, who are going to build their houses this year, it would be easier to go for more trendy interior designs for their kitchens but these changes can also be incorporated in an existing cooking area just by doing minor renovation work.