Modern architecture in Pakistan is taking center stage as more and more people are inclined towards it. With Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage and architectural history, many people want to design homes blending contemporary elegance with traditional elements. From the use of natural materials and open floor plans, we will discuss the essential elements of modern architecture in Pakistani homes given by architects in Lahore.

Open Floor Plans

One of the most important elements of modern architecture is the use of open floor plans. They enhance the feeling of spaciousness and increase interaction. The layout and design of a modern home can differ depending on rural or urban areas and personal preferences of the homeowner. Living area, dining area and kitchen are integrated into one large space in open floor plans. Incorporating a light and neutral color palette will make the area feel more spacious.

Colors like white, beige or gray are a popular choice for modern homes. In an open floor plan, you can define areas or zones with a functional furniture setting using area rugs or sectional sofas. You can incorporate sliding doors, room dividers and curtains for privacy in an open floor plan. Modern architecture often features open floor plans that extend to outdoor living areas such as patios or decks equipped with seating, cooking facilities and lawns making them multipurpose. 

Incorporation of Natural Materials

Modern architecture in Pakistan has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its sustainability and eco friendliness. The use of natural materials provides a sense of comfort and warmth. You can use stone for exterior cladding in modern architecture. The stone can be locally sourced limestone, granite and sandstone to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your facade. For flooring, you can incorporate oak or teak in order to add warmth to your interior space.

In addition to that, you can use wooden accents in the facade. Wood can also be used for furniture pieces, wall paneling and cabinets. You can use terracotta as a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom. You can also use terracotta bricks on accent walls. The incorporation of natural materials in modern architecture blends contemporary design with Pakistan’s rich architectural background.

Large Windows and Ventilation

Large windows and ventilation is an essential element of modern architecture. Large windows allow maximum light in the interior space and reduce the need for artificial lighting. Proper ventilation improves air circulation and reduces the need for air conditioning resulting in an energy efficient home. Windows can be placed strategically to minimize or maximize sunlight exposure.

South facing windows will capture sunlight in winters and overhanging eaves or shading devices can be used to protect from excessive summer heat. By incorporating large windows in modern architecture, you can offer serene views of surrounding landscapes, gardens and courtyards. Opt for double-glazed windows, to make the house energy efficient. Clerestory windows and skylights along with other ventilation techniques can also be used. 

Minimalist Aesthetics

Modern architecture in Pakistan incorporates clean lines, simple color schemes and functionality. You can use neutral colors like white, beige, gray to create a sense of open space resulting in a minimalist look. When opting for furniture, choose something with clean lines and simple shapes and avoid detailed intricate patterns. Choose multi-functional furniture to maximize space. Keep your spaces de-cluttered. Avoid excessive accessories and decorations.

The use of natural materials adds warmth to modern architecture. When opting for art pieces use a limited number of pieces and keep the designs simple or use large statement pieces. Use expansive glass windows for maximum light. Choose simple lighting fixtures and nothing fancy. You can opt for pendant and recessed lighting. Use hidden or built in storage solutions for a minimalist look. Use concealed wiring and devices with simple designs. Focus on simplicity and functionality. 

Exterior Spaces and Landscapes

Exterior spaces play an important role in modern architecture. The design and layout of exterior spaces is influenced by the location, climate and personal preferences of the homeowner. You can incorporate courtyards in your modern house. A sunken courtyard is a great idea for a cozy and intimate setting. Courtyards feature gardens, seating areas and fountains. These gardens can range from small lawns to an extensive landscape. An important element of landscape design is hardscaping. Hardscaping involves building patios, pathways and decks. Use stone, concrete, wood or brick for this purpose. Landscape design in Pakistan features waterfalls, fountains and ponds. Terraces and balconies are an important feature of modern architecture. Pergolas and gazebos are aesthetically appealing, functional and can be a great addition to the landscape of your modern house. Outdoor lighting like wall sconces, recessed lighting can be used to create an inviting ambiance for your modern house.

Integration of Nature and Traditional Elements

You can incorporate natural and traditional elements into modern architecture to create a harmonious space. Courtyards are a traditional feature and provide space for outdoor activities. Wooden elements can be incorporated into the design in forms of wooden louvers, beams or rafters. You can use natural materials like wood and marble for flooring and accent walls. Stone cladding is an excellent option to add character to your interior or exterior walls. You can use indoor plants such as peace lilies, snake plants or money plants. Green walls can bring a touch of natural charm to your indoors. You can use rattan furniture outdoors as it offers durability and versatility. Use traditional rugs, carpets and fabrics with traditional patterns for upholstery.

The design essentials of modern architecture in a Pakistani home are a blend of tradition and contemporary innovation. In recent years, architecture in Pakistan has shifted towards clean lines and open spaces that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Sustainability is an important factor that is kept in mind while designing a modern house in Pakistan. Incorporating local materials and craftsmanship pays an homage to Pakistan’s rich architectural background.

Written by : Gashia Imtiaz