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6 Crucial Tips to Consider When Designing a House

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6 years ago

Taking care of every minute detail is a tough task, especially when you are building a new home. In fact, it can become overwhelming when you want to make everything “just right”. After all, a home is an expression of who you are and what you like. It is why people work closely with the construction companies in Pakistan to build their homes. If they didn’t care so much, they would have to buy someone else’s masterpiece.

Remember, you can not build a beautiful house without correct site orientation and a good design. A poorly designed abode will never look good no matter what finishes you may apply. So work with your contractor, builder or architect in Pakistan until they manage to produce a design you are entirely content with. Take the next step only when you are completely satisfied with an outcome. This will not only aid you to achieve a fantastic design, but it will also give you a great dwelling to live in.   

A smart move would be to opt for a solar passive design. This design will help you minimize your impact on the environment and if done right, it can save you thousands of rupees by reducing your energy expense to cool and heat a home.

Here AmerAdnan Associates has listed some basic tips to help you create a more practical house by following solar passive principle.

Tip 1: Position your windows on the northern side of the house, so you can capture sunlight in winters and maintain your abodes temperature for warmth, comfort, and natural light.

Tip 2: Keep the number of windows on eastern and western sides of the house to a minimum. It will help you reduce the effect of direct sunlight and prevent internal temperature from rising during summers.

Tip 3: Make allowance for windows opening on the south side of the house to improve ventilation. This will keep the natural breeze blowing through space and dwelling cool during summers.

Tip 4: Create ceiling vents or high windows to aid the rising heat inside the house escape.

Tip 5: Ceiling insulation is another effective method to keep the temperature constant inside the house throughout the year.    

Tip 6: Overhanging attics protects your space from direct sunlight in summers and in winters it allows natural light to come in.

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