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5 Tips for Decorating Baby Nurseries

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5 years ago

Tired of conventional nursery designs, revolving around almost exactly the same, traditional color schemes? When we look at different nurseries, we are greeted by interiors and designs inspired by similar color palettes and designs, which, in most cases, do not compliment the interior of the rest of the house. Today we are going to help you add a refined touch to your child’s room, by providing you with a few, simple tips for decorating nurseries.

Add Wall Decals and Compelling Wallpapers

The walls of any living space can prove to be the easiest and most feasible way to decorate and add life to any interior. If you are inclined towards a neutral or a monochromatic color palette, consider adding wall decals for an instant customized and elegant touch. For a minimalistic look, silhouettes and simple monochromatic shapes are the way to go. In addition to wall decals and wallpapers, you can consider adding mirrors, framed prints and pictures, to give your child’s room a finished and refined look. Adding a variety of different mediums can help bring a varying sense of texture into the space. For a nursery, consider adding chalk walls, to compliment a minimalistic interior with monochromatic hues, while keeping the room playful and child-friendly.

Add Unique Wall Accents

Dream catchers, macramé wall hangings and customized garlands, there are an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to wall accents and decorations for nurseries. To add color and a personalized touch to your child’s nursery, consider including wall letters and quotes in your child’s room. Most interior designers in Lahore recommend turning towards different shades of greens and yellows, to avoid clichéd colors schemes revolving around colors like pink and blue.

Invest in Proper Storage Facilities

While decorating nurseries, keeping in mind the feasibility of the available storage facilities is essential. Keeping everything in reach of the changing table is necessary to avoid inconveniences. Nursery baskets come in a wide range of sizes and colors, which makes it easy to choose baskets to match the interior of the room. One of the common interior trends, includes the addition of personalized wooden toy boxes with benches, as they are an excellent way to add life to your child’s room, while reducing clutter and untidiness in the room. Bookshelves can also be used as a functional storage space while remaining sophisticated and elegant, as decorating them with framed pictures, bookends, and even ceramic figurines is possible.

Choose a Crib to Compliment the Interior

Cribs, while essential for your child, can prove to be an excellent way to decorate the nursery as most of the time, the color scheme of the room and the type of furniture used, depends on the type of crib selected. For a monochromatic and elegant look, turn towards white cribs, with a sleek finish. If you are more inclined towards a woodland inspired room, then perhaps a crib with a darker finish would be your best option. Adding a canopy above your child’s crib can help add an interesting and unique finish to the nursery as well. Tie-backs, while adding an interesting touch, can also help make the use of canopies more feasible, as holding them back while the child is sleeping, is essential.

Invest in Unique Mobiles and Interesting Lights

The large variety of mobiles available makes them an ideal for adding a touch of color and sophistication, to your child’s nursery. Customized origami and felt mobiles, while adding a refined flair of elegance, can also give your child something to interact with and can help provide your child with visual stimulation. The large range of mobiles, and their practical uses makes them ideal for decorating your child’s room.

From cartoon characters to unique projectors, night lights are excellent for adding a unique touch to your child’s nursery. Most interior designers prefer the use of pendant lights and simple, yet rustic, chandeliers while decorating nurseries and rooms for younger children.

We hope these tips prove to be helpful and are successful in helping you design and decorate your child’s nursery. For more household tips and interior decorating ideas, stay connected to our blog.

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