If you are planning to commission your dream house, but you are on a budget, then destiny has brought you exactly where you need to be! Contemporary architecture focuses on sustainability in all design aspects. For this reason, the best house designs are well within your reach. Read on to find how you can turn your dream of a Dream House at a minimum cost, into a reality!

Plan Your Plot

House Plan

Architecture services in Lahore suggest that you must put in a wise amount of consideration at the time of investing in your plot. If your site has unwanted shingles or rocks, it would require you to get these cleared off, which would add to the overall cost. Hence, at the time of choosing your plot, consider the necessities you would like to have around.

Additionally, you must keep in mind any of your additional requirements at the time of purchasing the plot, for instance, if you need the house to be in a peaceful neighbourhood, surrounded by nature or in case you need it to be close to a commercial area. This would facilitate you in the longer run and add quality to the location of your Dream House. You must also prefer a plot that is economical and has convenient access to gas, electricity and water supply.

Use Local Raw Materials

House with Raw Material

Once you start building your house on a budget, make sure you do not import any materials you need for the construction. Make a list of the elements you need for the front facade, and preferably keep it manageable and minimalistic.

Adding too many elements and details would make your house seem drowning in a morass of superficiality! So go with natural elements, and base the display on a maximum of two elements, like wood and stone. Make use of the materials available in the local stores and do not go overboard with your spending on the facade. You could, however, team up a minimalistic facade with tasteful lighting that adds character and appeal to the overall look.

Buy Wisely

Buy Wisely

You must also BUY sensibly! And by “buying”, we mean that you must not let the small accessories eat away your costs. You could postpone buying an expensive refrigerator for the kitchen, instead, buy low-maintenance materials like aluminium for cladding, which is not only low at cost, but also visually very elegant for the cladding of the house.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Design

Eco-friendly Design

Surround your house with eco-friendly items, and add lots of greens. Top architects in Pakistan suggest that one way of going about creating your own dream house is by placing yourself close to natural imagery, this would not only add warmth and finesse to your house, but also will help keep you light, mentally.

Instead of purchasing mechanised systems for your house, choose sustainable systems that save you money in the longer run. These systems are not only inexpensive now, but also very reliable in their functionalities: Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), for example, are a very good option in terms of cost and efficiency.

Less is More

Less is More

Of late, for modern houses, interior designers in Pakistan recommend small house designs, which would fit your idea of a budget-convenient dream house.

The notion that exercises “less is more”, strategizes the use of small designs as part of a movement in the popular culture. This applies especially to designs like the curved rooflines, single-floor houses with a mini patio and/or spherical surfaces like the dome-shaped houses which cover a given volume in the smallest surface area! These plans are not only attractive and manageable, but also unique and affordable.

Use these tips and without the least procrastination, start planning your Dream House on a budget, today!