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5 Things to Consider Before Renovating Your House

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6 years ago

Every one of us is looking for more space in our homes, a bigger kitchen, a lush living room, an upscale bedroom and a better bathroom. Renovation procedure can undoubtedly be quite exciting, however, if not planned and executed professionally, it can turn out to be a huge disaster. According to Amer Adnan Associates, the leading home construction company in Pakistan, renovation should always be carried out by a qualified and experienced interior decorator and not by a layman. Whether you are hiring the services of a professional or doing it on your own, always remember that a flawless planning is something that would make your renovation job successful. So, before you take out the tools, hire the pros or start mapping out what alterations you have in mind. These are a few pointers that will help you along:

To DIY OR Not to DIY?

DIY Home Renovation

For every homeowner, a DIY home renovation project is always quite tempting to take on and it automatically saves a great deal of money. In fact, DIY home renovation can be perfectly reasonable – provided you have the necessary expertise and experience. However, if you are relying on Google for ‘how to place tiles’, we suggest you stop right there and bring in a professional. DIY projects are fun and engaging as long as it only includes superficial revamp, painting, rearrangement and/or minor furniture fix-ups. For more detailed structural renovations and complete overhaul, you’d be better off hiring professionals with expertise in modern house designs in Pakistan.

Analyzing the Affordability

Home Renovation Ideas

Do you think you can afford this home renovation project? Before you embark on this journey, keep in mind that you cannot quit this project in between and falling short of budget can become a nuisance for you. The right idea is to sit down, take a financial assessment and figure out how much you can easily spare for this project. Setting a realistic budget would be the only thing that’ll help you successfully complete your home renovation project. If you leave a renovation midway, it will be worse than if you had never even started.

Following Rules and Regulations

Home Renovation Rules

If your home renovation project requires you to knock down a wall or dig a pool, you may have to get a legal permission first from your local housing authorities. Apart from these crucial legalities, warning your neighbors beforehand about loud noise is a common courtesy and their right. Make sure to check with the rules and regulations in your city or town before going all in into a big revamp project. You will be required to comply, and in case you don’t, you may put yourself in a position where you are forced to do a complete undo on all the progress you’ve achieved.

Look for Cables and Pipes

Cables and Pipes in Home Renovation

Wait! Before you hit the sledgehammer on the wall, find out whether or not there’s an electrical cable running underneath. The most effective approach would be read up on original house plans. Most companies that deal with construction in Lahore or Pakistan save the plans and blueprints for such a time. If this option is unavailable, you can always ask an electrical engineer/electrician to inspect and map it out. Moreover, there could also be sanitary pipes within the wall, so hire a plumber to come by and take a look even if you only suspect there might be a pipe underneath. In case you later figure out electrical wiring or cable in a wall, you’ll find yourself in great trouble, not to mention it may lead to fatal accidents.

Time the Project Accurately

 House Construction on Time

Depending on your city, make sure that whenever you start your renovation project, it is timed during the right months. If the renovation includes exteriors or structural changes, avoiding the rainy season will be better for progress and hazards. If you’re working with materials such as wood and iron, do not begin the renovation project during the humid climate. Even though pesticides and termites may be one of the leading reasons why you start the renovation in the first place, so choose a time to work when these insects are least active. Because if the raw materials and grey structure of your house is exposed to unfavorable weather, it might cost you even more and may weaken your structure.

If all the conditions are ideal, you may begin your renovation. However, if any of these pointers seem difficult to handle on your own, we recommend that you hire the services of top house interior decorators in Lahore or your own city.

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