A lifestyle trend that is simply impossible to ignore is that of decluttering one’s home. It stems from the minimalist concept that less is more. Followers of the minimalism movement believe that clean spaces significantly boost creativity and that overall decluttering increases efficiency- whether one is at home or in the office. Modern home designs in Pakistan are now increasingly incorporating elements of minimalist architecture. A well-organized living room ties the entire house together as it is the first space you see upon entering someone’s home. Here are some quick ways to declutter the living room and ensure that your house always leaves a positive ‘first’ impression:

Implement the “One In – One Out” Rule in Your Household

Whenever new purchases are made, other similar yet older items have to either be given away to charity or be thrown out into the trash. This is called the one-in-one-out rule. It is an effective measure for times when you are running out of space.

Institute a Monthly “Spring Cleaning” Ritual

Try keeping one “Spring cleaning day” per month to purge the house of extra items. Make it a habit to abide by this ritual, since it will help you achieve that decluttered, minimalist look you are trying to achieve.

Spring Cleaning

Host a Yard Sale

One way to bring order to a chaotic living room space and turn it into a clutter-free room is by hosting a yard sale.  There are two options for hosting a sale: an actual walk-in sale or an online advertisement. Put up signs at the neighbourhood grocery store, send a WhatsApp message to the neighbourhood group chat, and set aside a Sunday so friends and neighbours can have a look at the items on sale. Like the saying goes: one person’s trash is another person’s treasure! Think you will not find buyers for your treadmill in your hometown? Venture onto the internet and set-up a seller’s profile so you can put those items up for sale on online forums.

Yard Sale

Give the Gift of Pre-Owned Furniture

Dedicating a sizeable percentage of usable items towards a charity is both an efficient and environmentally-responsible thing to do. Not only are you giving disadvantaged individuals staple furniture items like an old crib for free, your act of charitable donation is also extending the usability of that particular item. So rather than chucking a faded rug or outdated curtains into the garbage, run them through the washing machine and drop them off at the local orphanage.

Two for the Price of One

Buying products with a dual purpose such as a sofa-cum-bed is an excellent way to convert the living room into a guest room at a moment’s notice. Similarly, a bed which has built-in storage will eliminate the need for multiple sets of chest of drawers. Either way, whichever product you end up buying that serves a dual purpose will help declutter your living area. This way you end up saving space AND money!

Decluttering our favourite spots in the house can also help us achieve a Zen state of mind. It can help us think clearly, and get work done faster. Stress-induced lack of productivity is linked to cluttered workspaces, living spaces and naturally, even cluttered minds. With so many benefits attached to a pared down living space, is it any surprise that millennials are early-adopters for the minimalist lifestyle!