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5 Popular Types of Paint and How to Pick the Right One for Your House?

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6 years ago

Imagine using a glossy paint in a space where matte finish is required. It may feel as if you have installed bathroom tiles in the living room.

Choosing the right type of paint is as important as picking the right color palette for your house because it plays a major role in transforming the character of your room. Sadly, most of us do not know which paint type is best for our project.

To end this confusion here we have listed 5 popular types of paint along with their pros and cons to aid you pick the right one for your dwelling.


Sheen levels vary by producers, but most of them have some common attributes.

Since durability levels are improving across all sheen options, more and more people are getting creative in using them. Interior designers in Pakistan indicated that they are exploring new vistas by experimenting with different paint finishes to create a real texture and impact within a theme. For instance, a mix and match of full gloss on a same color matte wall can give you a striking textured look.

Pros & Cons of Matte Paint:

– It’s one of the least reflective sheens.
– Matte proffers a velvety texture.
– It is used to smoothen ceilings and walls.
– The finish offers rich and vivid color.
– Sometimes it’s difficult to clean.
– It’s the first choice of builders when painting walls.
– Eggshell is less glossy than satin.
– It’s reflective and durable.
– It is preferred in demanding spaces like bathroom and kitchens, where easy cleanup is required.

Pros & Cons of Gloss and Semi-Gloss Paint:

– It’s the most reflective sheen available.
– It’s hard wearing and can withstand multiple cleanings.
– A preferred choice for doors, baseboards and moldings.
– Generally used to highlight imperfections or to make a statement.

Expert interior decorators in Lahore recommends their clients to try creating an accent wall with a gloss sheen while using matte finish in the rest of the room. According to them, matte finish creates a calm and tranquil feeling owing to its textural element, whereas gloss sparks excitement and energy.

As far as satin and eggshell are concerned, Lahore architects like to use them in spaces that are small and have little natural light.


Oil-based paints are more durable. Due to this quality oil-based paints are considered standard for doors, furniture and woodwork. Today, they are also produced in water-based form like waterborne alkyds or waterborne enamels. These options behave and feel just like oil-based paints as they are ideal for giving a smooth finish.

Pros & Cons of Oil-Based Paints:

– It has attractive gloss.
– Gives smooth finish with brush strokes.
– Provides long-lasting finish.
– Takes more time to dry and cleanup.


Water-based paint is a popular choice when it comes to painting walls. However, one have to be cautious when using water-based paint over a surface that has earlier been coated with an oil paint, because the new paint may barely stick.

In such instance, experts suggests wash the surface and then scuff it up all over in order to make it clean, dry and dull again so the new coat can stick.

Pros & Cons of Water-Based Paints:

– It has poor resistance against water.
– Emits low amount of toxic.
– It can be easily cleaned up with water.
– Dries up quite quickly.
– Its flexible finish provides great finish against cracking.

Maintains the color without turning yellow.

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