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5 Natural Elements to Add to Your House

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5 years ago

With the global shift towards eco-friendliness and green construction, modern house designs in Pakistan have also started incorporating natural elements within the abode. Anything to do with nature can become a source of relaxation and comfort if used correctly and strategically. Wood, water, sea salt and rocks are a few basic elements found in nearly every household in some form. Adding greenery to your house is no longer an outdoor concept only – many interior decorators recommend the use of indoor plants to add colour and freshness to the inner atmosphere of your house. Below are a few ways you can incorporate natural elements to add a refreshing aura to the interior of your house.

Raw Brick Designs

It is becoming a growing trend to craft feature walls in raw brick designs. Along with being a treat to the eye, this happens to be one of the best ways to include natural elements in your house. In modern-day architecture, bricks had somewhere lost their original appeal. Interior decorators have now reintroduced the concept of raw brick designs with a contemporary twist, creating subtle patterns to complement modern home designs. They are visually pleasing and bring instant texture, warmth and colour to the room.

Unfinished Wood

Unfinished wooden furniture is now easily available for purchase at furniture outlets and various online shopping stores. People buy unfinished furniture items and then use their own creativity to give it the finishing touches. Adding a glass top to a thick, raw wooden branch can create a very stylish center table. To add some finish to the raw wood one can use linseed oil or just a touch of paint in natural colour to keep the raw feel in place. Not only does it look great, your furniture pieces are also unique and customized.

Seashell Accessories

Seashells have always been a very tranquil yet classy way to add décor to your interior. There are multiple ways of using seashells to decorate your house – you can put them in a basket and make it a center piece or put them in a glass jar to place on a shelf in the lounge. Either way, it will be a beautiful sight and a reminder of the beach. This is one of the most popular natural elements that designers recommend to bring to your house.

Rocks and Stones

There are many kinds and shapes of rocks and stones that one can find on a simple leisure trip to the beach. Considering the range of colours and textures that they come in – a creative mind can do wonders for interior decoration with such natural elements. Gemstones also add depth and colour to the house. One can use them to make a border for a photo frame or even just place a bunch of smooth colourful stones by the corner of your fireplace to add a natural feel to the area.


Last but not the least; indoor plantation is a fantastic way to bring nature into your house.  Not only will it make your house look greener but it will also add a fresh boost to the indoor environment. You can consider growing herbs in plant pots and place them on your kitchen window or countertop. The only important aspect to keep in mind with indoor plants is to ensure that the plants are kept near a sunny window so that they receive their due sunlight. Considering the variety of plants available in the market, you can also put lavender or a spider plant in a hanging basket and place it somewhere close to your lounge window. With the different shades of green, brown and yellow, plants can add a lot of colour and vibrancy to the house and can also serve as a natural air purifier.

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