If we compare the construction trends of Mughal era with today’s house building features, there will be noticed a huge difference between methods and designs of house building during each period. Although, in such a long time-span, seeing these bigger changes is obvious but as the time passes by, the variations in the construction tendencies are becoming more obvious and fast, credit of which goes to increased technological developments and changing living requirements.

Even now, one-year duration brings bigger changes, but even so the previous trends are considered outdated as soon as we welcome the New Year. If you have any plan to construct a house of your own in the year 2015, you should first have a market research and also consult a renowned construction company in Pakistan, as it will provide you more information about the upcoming home construction trends.

Reference: The Contemporary House Construction And Interior Designing Trends In Pakistan

Let’s have a look of some of the trends, which are likely to be prevalent in the year 2015.

Smaller Homes

Earlier, the bigger houses were considered a status symbol but now the trends have been transformed in the wake of changing economic and environmental conditions and increased energy costs. Now, homeowners all around the globe and in Pakistan prefer to construct smaller houses because their maintenance does not cost much. For larger houses, you have to spend a lot on their cleaning; and same goes for the energy expenditures.

Insulated Homes

Taking into account the acute climatic conditions in Pakistan, homeowners are tending towards building insulated houses because these not only cut down the energy consumption but also promote a comfortable and luxurious living.

Manageable Houses

Although, smaller size could be one characteristic of easy-to-maintain houses; but besides this there are several other factors to consider. People are more tended towards building sleek and simpler designs, which are easier to maintain. For instance, floors such as – vinyl wood flooring, wooden flooring and marble would be more preferred the most as compared to carpets because these are easy to clean and maintain. People are likely to go for the siding that is more resistant to different climatic conditions and does not need any annual washing or painting. Granite and engineered countertops would be preferred.

Smart Homes and Versatile House Designs           

The technological advancements have changed the people’s way of living; they want to take advantage of technology in every possible way to make their lives easier and comfortable. People will be likely to construct smart houses, which are properly wired, have comfortable living with proper insulation, proper electronic control centers and security systems, just perfectly fixed and installed, without making any mess

Green Living  

The concept of green living is not just limited to outside environment; rather, now the homes are also constructed with the same idea and the year 2015 is expected to see more of greenhouses, which are meant to save annual home ownership expenses. The green houses are likely to have:

–  More insulation
–  Dual-glazed windows
–  Multi-zone programmable heating and cooling thermostats
–  Solar panels
–  Solar water panels
–  Heat pumps
–  Wood siding
–  Tankless water heaters and much more.

Well-Lighted and Airy Houses

Either smaller or bigger, the houses are designed in a way that these could provide maximum light and air. The concept of larger windows and low-height ceiling is going to see a surge in the upcoming year. With the installation of wall segregations, there are tendencies of using built-in cupboards and curtains to separate one area from the other. The idea is especially more applicable in smaller houses because it saves more space and provides easy walk-through area from one place to another.