The monsoon season is beautiful – heavy rains, cold breeze, the sweet smell of wet sand and the soothing sound of pouring rain. This time of the year is meant to be enjoyed, but unfortunately mold appears out of nowhere, destroys our house and kills all our joy. But this monsoon season, don’t let this vulture attack your house; this season keep your house protected against dampness and fight off mold. As suggested by Best interior designers in Pakistan, here are 5 effective ways by which you can keep your house mold free this season:

Pre monsoon maintenance

Prevention is always better than the cure. If you want to keep your house 100% free of mold you must prepare it before the rainfall begins. At least a month before the season, you must start doing all the maintenance work. Check your drainage system and see if it is properly functioning. Check your drain pipes for any blockage or leakage; also see if there are any faulty lines or gaps between the wales from where the water could seep in.  Most importantly, check if your roof drain is functioning or not because mostly water seeps in due to faulty roofs.

Keep the wall dry

According to interior designers in Lahore, the key to keeping your house mold free is to keep your walls dry. Since mold is fungus – a living thing, if you take away the thing on which it thrives, you will be able to stop its growth. Apart from keeping your drainage system intact, you would have to protect your walls from water by other ways as well. The best way would be to get your walls insulated, but if that is not possible, you can place weather sheets.

Use humidifier

Even if you do not have faulty pipelines and a weak drainage system, the humidity inside your house can cause dampness as well. When the water droplets in the sir of your house condenses on the walls, it causes dampness, allowing mold to grow. So, you must also take care of the moisture inside your house. The best thing to do would be to get a humidifier for your rooms. Humidifier will not only reduce the moisture content but will also clean the air and keep the temperature of your house cool.

Disinfect the walls

The problem with mold is that it can appear even if you do your best to keep your walls dry. The reason for this is that the spores of the fungi are microscopic and very resistant. They can wait for years to find the suitable environment to grow. And since it is practically impossible to keep your walls dry forever, you would have to disinfect your walls to kill the spores as well. Before and during the season you should clean your walls with an effective fungicide and sporicide.

Interior designers in Pakistan are of the opinion that getting mold, no matter how dangerous it is, is not inevitable. If you take all the necessary precautionary measures and follow the above mentioned suggestion, you will have a mold-free house this season.