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5 Decor Ideas for the Dining Area

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6 years ago

The dining room is a place in your house where people come together and feast! Modern home designs in Pakistan indicate a lot of importance being given to the layout and interior décor style of the dining area for a given house. Whether it is treated as a place to eat or sometimes even to work, the dining area is designed to act as a multifunctional space of the house.

Meaningful Artwork

This is a great way of decorating a semiformal room and it can never go wrong. Art is a means of communication and having artwork that you can somehow connect to, lends a personal touch to your dining area. A few trending forms of artwork this year are series paintings or a unique illustration that may elevate the overall feel of the room. For a slightly casual touch, you may hang framed photographs or postcards as well.

Incorporate Colours

The use of the right set of colours in the right way can instantly brighten up a room and change the feel. A slightly less formal dining area can do wonders with a painted wall (for instance, a maroon or cool blue wall – whichever does justice to the kind of mood you wish to maintain in the room). A lot of the colour selection should also depend on the analysis of the size and shape of the room. Another factor to consider should be the amount of light that comes into the room as that has a major impact on the coloured wall. Incorporating and experimenting with colours in formal areas of the house is not for the faint hearted but it is nevertheless an impressive way to enhance your dining experience.

Allow Natural Light and Greenery

Although chandeliers have been one of the top décor items when it comes to dining areas, the trend has taken a comfortable shift towards more contemporary and natural sources of light to create a more congenial ambience that makes feasting a pleasant affair. Furthermore, an addition to the amount of natural elements in the room can be the use of indoor plants. Undoubtedly, greenery brings about a refreshing spin to the ambience of any room. This is also one of the more economical means of decorating your dining area as opposed to other suggestions which may be slightly difficult on the pocket.

Decorate with Mirrors

As we all know, mirrors not only add value to the room’s décor but are also a great means for creating the illusion of space. Having a mirror panel on one of the walls of your dining area will instantly make the room look much bigger and add a touch of style and grace to the room. Mirrors act as light reflectors as well; hence it is important to place the mirrors strategically. For narrow shaped dining areas, one can place a vertical or a tall shaped mirror as it will add greater depth to the room.

Make a Mark with One Piece

One can give immense character to the dining area by adding the right kind of statement piece that single-handedly defines the feel of the room. A modern sculpture or wall hanging can be added. It is important that this should be artistic, bold and in line with the style of the dining room furniture.