The kitchen is considered to be the heart of the house by many people which allows members of the family to gather for a feast in style and comfort. Interior decorators in Lahore emphasize on certain essentials to be kept in mind when an existing kitchen is remodeled. There are countless ideas available when renovating your kitchen, however, architects have agreed upon a handful of tips that should be focused on.

Plan Ahead and Plan Well

Creating something from scratch is often simpler than recreating or reshaping an existing structure. It is strongly recommended that when the thought of remodeling any part of your house comes to mind, it is best to engage a professional architect/interior decorator for the task. Once a professional has been hired, and a plan has been chalked regarding renovation of the kitchen, the task at hand is likely to be managed better.

Don’t Change Everything Unless Needed

When deciding to renovate your kitchen, you don’t necessarily have to throw away all your existing kitchen hardware and equipment in order to set up everything from zero. A smart way to deal with kitchen remodeling is to make use of existing kitchen cabinets in a way that brings new style to the kitchen and also cuts down on expenses. Whether the floor plan of the kitchen is large or small, architects commonly agree that old cabinets can best be brought to life if painted plain, bright white. White cabinets not only make your kitchen look tremendously spacious but the colour also transforms the room into a completely new zone.

Light Away

The proper use and placement of lights in any area of the house is important. It is pretty much the center of what the overall look and feel of the room will be. Include different kinds of lights, whether it is a beautiful hanging pendant in a corner or a stylish standing lamp, adding variety with light is a smart way to change the look of the kitchen. The lights should be well placed for the cook to be able to comfortably work and some lights may be added under the cabinet which will create a cozy and warm ambience in the kitchen.

Bring in Some Character

Architects in Pakistan believe every room of a house must have a story of its own – the way it is painted, lit and styled should in itself have character. The same theory applies to the kitchen. Apart from the conventional appliances and accessories that must be in the kitchen, bring in a twist by adding some details to free standing cabinets or add a splash of interesting colour in a corner.

The Floor!

The flooring of the kitchen plays an important role in the overall impact that is created by this room. There are several natural textures and designs available for tile and vinyl floors. Also, wooden floors never go out of style.  Look for options that best suit your budget and taste.