Some of us like simplicity in our décor while others like to be surrounded by luxury. It is not easy to afford and maintain a luxurious lifestyle. However, architects and interior decorators by making use of cutting edge technology and best practices have been able to incorporate the idea of ‘affordable luxury’ to modern houses. Thus, it is now possible to enjoy a luxurious style of living within a reasonable budget.

Make the Entry of Your House Grand

The entrance of your house must have a strong impact. When you walk into the house after a tiring day, a lavish welcome can make you feel like royalty. It is not that difficult to glam up the entry even if it’s a compact space. The trick is to ensure attention is fixed at the right spot. This can be towards a charming wall hanging on the entrance or a welcoming centerpiece. A marble top entrance table with a glass bowl, a flower arrangement and a mirror hanging can do wonders to create a lavish impact along with a warm welcome.

Proper Lighting Around the House

The right kind of lighting in the right place can play a vital role in setting the mood of the room. Luxury cannot be associated with a dreary or dull feel, it is instead warm, well lit by art lights, wall sconces or chandeliers. The best way to bring about a fancy look to the lights in your house is by upgrading the shades or fixtures. Replace traditional overhead lights with sculptural fixtures or a mood light which comes with a dimmer. Use the colour gold wherever possible because it defines luxury. However, uncalculated use of gold and silver can make the ambience look cheap instead of sophisticated and classy.

Bring in Green

This perhaps is one of the most economical ways of adding luxury within a budget. Greenery and floral arrangements bring about elegance and sophistication. Even when on a budget, it is never too difficult to get a few indoor plants such as orchids or a house palm tree. Playing with one of the strongest senses of a visitor, aim to mesmerize your guests by the welcoming scents of your fresh-cut flower bouquets.

The Bedroom Space

Last but not the least, luxury and comfort should be at their peak when it comes to the bedroom. When setting up the master bedroom, the placement of furniture will be imperative in setting the mood of the room. An over cluttered bedroom with little knick knacks here and there are not really a vision of luxury. Minimum furniture and that too well-spaced is key to giving the bedroom a lavish feel. Layering your bed can be an essential factor to the look of the room. Have a queen/king size bed that has a quilted plush headboard and layer your mattress with the highest thread count sheet that you can afford along with pillows and a comforter. Neatly place your side lamps (preferably ones with a dimmer) on the side table and have a cozy seating arrangement for two people.