An extremely refined and lavish home exterior never fails to grab the attention of the people passing by. It is everybody’s dream to live in a home which is awe-inspiring and for that, one needs to acquire the services of highly skillful and experienced architects and designers. Whether you want to decorate your home for selling purpose or just want your neighbors to be envious, the professional design and Architectural companies in Pakistan can help you make a dream home for yourself. There are many elements that play a vital role in increasing the street appeal of your house; however the major ones include but are not limited to:

Color of Your Home

The color you choose for your home’s exterior entirely depends on your taste and selection. Some people get attracted towards lighter shades while the others are more inclined towards the darker ones. However, the best idea would be to choose the lighter shade as background and dark as a contrast. A fresh paint job has the potential to work wonders if it is done artfully by a skillful painter. You can also opt to get your home covered with other materials which are more practical to clean like stone or majolica. A stone can be of white, brown, grey or any other color as per your preference. Besides, you can also choose from the polished or natural ledge stone tile. Many people are passionate about the art of majolica. They can also choose to add majolica painting tiles for their home’s exterior.

Rationalized Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in the overall look of your home. If you have proficiently selected the decorative light fixtures for illuminating your home, it will surely stand apart from the rest. Placing a bunch of costly lights outside your home doesn’t make it look beautiful. In fact, you need to rationalize the lighting by making sure that it only hits specific areas of your home’s exterior. The specialty lighting fixture on the garage ceiling and a lighted flank all the way from the gate to the front door entrance can definitely create a great impact. You should also choose to place some solar-powered lights in the garden area as well as on all the walkways for a truly remarkable façade. A qualified and distinguished architect and designer such as Amer Adnan Associates can greatly help you in choosing the perfect lighting for your home.

 Door Embellishment

A front door is one major element you cannot ignore while decorating your home’s exterior. A front door with great visual impact can become the center of attention beyond your entire home exterior. If you artfully beautify your home’s entrance with cladding such as wood tiles, marble or ceramic tiles, it can create a real wow factor! Dark shades are more common when it comes to front doors whereas light colors can also be utilized in accordance with the theme of your house. To add extra warmth to the entrance, you can make use of a seasonal door wreath. A bronze finished door knocker can also do a great job in enhancing your home’s entrance.

    Flowers and Plantation

Decorating the façade of your home is all about making it visually pleasing and attractive. By making use of plants and flowers, you can make it stand out from the rest. The natural decoration adds up a lot to your home’s exterior and gives an inviting impression to everyone. Placing potted plants and flowers alongside the entrance is a great idea. You can also choose to incorporate window boxes outside the windows and place fresh seasonal flowers or greens in them. Hanging fresh flower baskets on the walls can also help you in making a gorgeous façade.

Simple tips and tricks can greatly add to the visual appeal of your home, which is important because a well-kept home is a happy home.