No matter whether you’re gearing up for a small-scale or a large-scale home construction project, it is inevitable for you to hire the services of an architectural firm. Many a times, midway into a construction project, people realize that they may have exceeded their initial budget limit or may have exhausted other material resources. This happens because they take on the task of designing and constructing their property upon themselves or trust inadequately equipped firms that promise them a complete project in unimaginably low prices. Please do not fall victim to such swindles and hire the services of an architectural firm for your upcoming home construction project. We at Amer Adnan Associates have compiled a checklist that will help you before and along the project. Here it is:

Making the Best Use of the Firm’s Expertise

Hiring the services of a professional architectural design firm in Pakistan means that you want to ensure that the final result meets your expectations. You need to keep in mind that hiring a professional in any capacity requires a certain amount of open-mindedness and trust on your behalf. These professional architects spent years mastering their skill and areas of expertise. Their knowledge and insight regarding building codes, construction standards, exterior and interior design, structural integrity and general opinion will have to be considered in every aspect of the home construction for flawless results. This will ensure a smooth transition of the project from initial stages to final completion.

Home Construction Project

Giving Them a Realistic and Sufficient Timeframe

Whenever someone plans to build a house of their own, they are always excited to see the finished home as soon as possible. But to be realistic, the architectural firms requires time for putting all the pieces together till completion. As soon as you hand them the project, all processes get in motion. These include designing the project, getting your approval before starting, resourcing required material, hiring sufficient labor force, etc. A timeframe will be provided and agreed upon between you and the firm. Once the designing and planning is finalized, the legal paperwork and documentation such as signing the contract, building rights, approval of layout plans will also be taken care of. Moreover, you should also expect delays and unforeseen events that might affect the project. But if you put your trust in the architectural firm, they will surely deliver upon their promises.

Time For Action

Discussing and Finalizing the Budget Beforehand

Before you hand over the contract of your home construction to an architectural firm, ensure that you have discussed and finalized your budgetary requirements beforehand. Consider all constraints (if any) openly before signing that underline. Apart from the budget approval, for a smooth working of both parties, always devise a payment plan that suits you as well as lets the architectural firm continue their work without hiccups. This will help in avoiding any unnecessary delays during the project and ensure peace of mind for you and the firm.


Keep in Mind that Changes Might Happen

Please keep in mind that despite the fact that your initial conversations with the architectural firm may seem set in stone, there will always be a chance of things changing at the last moments. So make sure that you cover these unexpected changes in the contract and how to deal with them if need be. Give your architect and firm the freedom to plan in your best interest. However, make sure that everything is discussed with you before any new plans are realized as these changes may require an increase in budget.

Changes Might Happen

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