Without fail, each year your dad tells you “don’t buy me a Father’s Day gift”. Yet, you buy a random gift for him anyway and he sweetly accepts it. But, then he quietly puts it away in the back of his closet. If that’s the case with you, then it’s time to step outside the box this year and get him something that he’ll really love.

To achieve this task, first you must determine what your dad actually adores.

Why you should do that?

The person you have loved all your life may not be a car enthusiast, book lover or eco-friendly urbanite like you. Perhaps all he may have wanted is a beautifully designed space where he can smoke cigars, hangout with friends, or cook bbq for family.

Or maybe he is more in tune with the outdoors and nature?

What better way to show your love and appreciation than to follow the advice of one of the best architecture companies in Pakistan this Father’s Day. AmerAdnan Associates, an international award-winning company, knows some of the best Father’s Day gifts that pay attention to your daddy’s favorite activities.


If your pop loves to entertain his guests this beautiful architecture with crisp hues, clean lines and high-end décor will transport him to his favorite downtown hang out spot.


This chic living room is an ideal place to sit and enjoy a Cuban cigar. The exposed wooden texture coupled with the elegant ceiling design and comfortable seating can make any man wanting to be in this room.



If your dad calls himself the next “Master Chef” this superbly designed terrace is the best place for him to cook and serve his mouthwatering delicacies.



An outdoor guy will appreciate this beautiful landscape design, as many in Pakistan love to spend their time at such a place, especially during winters when the sun is out.