No matter, how well your house is decorated, if your bedroom is not adorned, you’ll never be satisfied. Especially, if you are a person who has great love for interior designing. However, finding a right thematic design is not any easy task for such people, as for some it’s a matter of depicting taste, whereas for others it’s personal.

This is why today people won’t even hesitate to acquire services of professional interior designers in Pakistan like Amer Adnan Associates®, when it comes designing their bedrooms or houses. Since a professional advice can come in real handy when you are looking to give your bedroom a fresh look or complete makeover because it’s the interior decorator who turns your idea into reality.

Yet, it’s the home owner who usually select the theme for their bedrooms and not the interior designer. So here we have listed 4 modern bedroom interior design themes to narrow down your selection process:

1. The Rustic Look

While choosing an interior design theme for a bedroom, homeowners makes serious effort to pick unique themes. Some like to go with wallpapers, whereas others prefer to use more than one color on the bedroom walls. It gives them the luxury to match curtains and other accessories with any of the colors in the theme.

But if you are really looking for a unique interior design theme, then rustic look is perhaps what you want. You can achieve this look for your room with natural wood and stones. Planked wall, wooden floors, wooden pillars and use of stones on walls are some of the ways to achieve the rustic look.

2. The Moroccan Style

People in Pakistan are now more than willing to take the risk of using foreign thematic designs in their bedrooms, as more and more home owners are getting bored with the traditional styles. Moroccan bedroom theme is one style that can easily gauge their attention. Since the lovely theme entails rich and bright colors, whether it’s the bedding, carpet or other accessories.

The best thing about the theme is the use of textured and pattern fabrics, which looks even more alluring in the light of the large colored glass lanterns. To achieve an authentic Moroccan look you can get puffs, draperies, curtains, sheers, bed sheets and upholstery that have canvas embossed on them. Additionally, you can also use a Persian rug for the floor.

3. Hotel Room Theme

Hotel like ambience is more formal as it requires you to be spot on while decorating your bedroom. Usually, a hotel like mood is a suitable option for big bedrooms, as the beds used in these theme have extravagant headboards. As far as the color of the room is concerned, you can opt for neutral shades, as they help you maintain the formal look.

The most important thing to keep in mind while creating a hotel room like theme is ‘lighting’. Use soft lights as they have a great influence on the mood of the dweller. Whether it’s the bedside lamps or other lighting in the room.

4. Floral Theme

This is a lively theme as it involves extravagant and colorful floral wall art. For those, who are inspired by the living world theme, this is an ideal style for bedrooms and it gives them unlimited choice in terms of colors.

Furthermore, you can also hang natural flowers or plants on the wall against the headboard of your bed. Use of stencil paintings on the walls is another good option to create this theme.