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4 Luxury Living Room Ideas for Your Home

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3 years ago

The living room is not just a place to relax, it is the real temple of your house. At the time of construction, one of the most imperative things you envisage is having intimate get-togethers with friends and family in your very new living room. Making a luxury living room does not mean that you must cram it with chandeliers, tufted settees and heavy curtains, or as if making it a space that is indiscriminately surrounded by huge expanses of glass or furniture. Modern house designs in Pakistan showcase how you can very well have a luxury living room in your house that is bedecked with high-end, yet simple features that radiate elegance and grace.

Here you would discover four awe-inspiring luxury living room ideas for your home.

Focusing on the Walls

Living Room Wall

Adorn your living room by adding a luxury feature wall to your design scheme. If yours is an open living room with the dining area established next to it, a soaring wall of quartzite that touches the rafters all the way up would make a stunning attention-grasping look in the overall plan of the room. Moreover, you can light up the entire expanse of your living room with an eye-catching modern chandelier. The lighting that goes into this kind of an open living room must not overshadow the hues you pick in the upholstery/fabric of the furniture, which is why if you are looking for rich combinations in sofas and settees, you must complement the look with subtle lighting. Another example of the efficacy of a lighting plan would be the use of LED perimeter lighting along the feature wall.

Playing with Metallics

Metalics in Home

Top interior designers suggest that experimenting with metallics is a great way of articulating your panache and finesse through your aesthetics! A metallic accent wall just behind the linear sofa arrangement would help zone a multi-use space and would make people’s attention converge at this very focal point of attraction. On top of the seating set up you can hang metallic pendant lights and finish the look with a mid-century modern coffee table trio in lavish golden sheen. This would be a marvelous metallic theme that will make your living room a luxurious sight to view!

Leaving a Sparkle

Leaving a Sparkle

If it’s a luxury, it ought to be special! Consider illuminating the standout features present in your living room. If you are thinking about going at lengths with a great modern house interior design, then every special piece should be treated in a way that it must have its distinctive charm and sparkle under the spotlight. If yours is a living room with columns, a feature wall or a sleek staircase, having unique paintings/portraits on either the walls or columns could add a tinge of beauty to the entire space with the addition of lights from above illuminating them.

Luxury with Tradition

Luxury with Tradition

Focus on introducing a luxurious pop of color to a monotone setting within your living room. This could be added with a theme. For this you can design the entire space of the living room in a cream or powder tone and splash a unique contrasting feature at the very epicenter. For instance, a thematically-styled luxury living room could feature a cream-sepia shaded classic wall fresco with a rustic element. The theme could be upheld with the presence of indoor plants to the design scheme. This could then be contrasted with a splash of green-colored upholstery on the settee placed centrally amidst cream sofa chairs and a similarly-shaded modern coffee table.

It is essential to understand that having a luxury living room is a matter of personal choice. Try the aforementioned high-end design ideas for making your very own living room, a luxury!

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